What Size TV Do I Need for My Electric Fireplace?

The world of interior design has witnessed a surge in the popularity of electric fireplaces, transforming living spaces into cosy, warm retreats.

As more homeowners embrace this modern heating solution, a common dilemma arises: What size TV is ideal for my electric fireplace setup?

In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of choosing the perfect TV size to enhance your electric fireplace experience.

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In recent years, electric fireplaces have become a staple in homes, providing both warmth and aesthetic appeal. However, the challenge lies in harmonising your TV with the electric fireplace to create a seamless and visually appealing setup.

Let’s explore the key considerations that will guide you in determining the right TV size for your electric fireplace.

Understanding the Room Dynamics

Assessing the Size of the Room

The first step in this journey is to evaluate the dimensions of your living space. The size of the room plays a pivotal role in determining the optimum TV size.

A larger room may require a bigger screen to maintain a balanced visual impact.

Modern media wall with a tv aperture and larger electric fireplace and soun bar example.
  • For crowded rooms, we would recommend a 40-inch screen or larger if you are seated more than six feet from the TV.
  • A 50-inch screen is works well within 7.5 feet of the TV.
  • If you are 9 feet away, a 60-inch screen will be the smallest size.

Many thanks to Samsung US for this informaiton. Please read the full article here

Too small a screen from a considerable distance can strain your eyes, while an oversized TV in a confined space might be overwhelming.

If you’re installing your TV onto a wall mounted bracket or stand, this can of course provide more room for movement.

Ensure that the TV is visible from various seating areas, promoting inclusivity in your entertainment setup.

Electric Fire TV Size Guidelines

Aperture Size

When planning a media wall, it’s crucial to consider the width of the TV in relation to the aperture size. This ensures a proportional and visually appealing setup.

Calculating the scale and ratios of the TV against the electric fireplace is key for achieving harmony in design.

See our calculator chart below:

TV size to width to workout what electric fireplace matches.

Top Tip: The numbers used in a model name generally correlate to the width of an electric fire.

It is good practice to leave a 1 inch gap around the tv aperture of a media wall, this makes acess easier and any lighting behind will show up more.

A well-thought-out approach to these elements ensures that the TV complements the overall aesthetics of the space, creating a balanced and polished appearance.

By carefully considering these factors, you can tailor the media wall to suit both the size of the TV and the electric fireplace, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing integration.

General Recommendations Based on TV Size

For an average-sized living room, a TV between 55 and 65 inches generally fits well. Larger rooms might benefit from a 75-inch screen or even larger for a cinematic experience.

See our tv to fire width guide below:

Standard TV Sizes (Inches)Fire Width (mm)
80 inch TVs and over1800mm +
75 inch TV – 79 inch TVs1700mm – 1799mm
65 inch TV – 74 inch TV1500mm – 1699mm
55 inch TV – 64 inch TV1200mm – 1499mm
46 inch TV – 54 inch TV1101mm – 1199mm
39 inch TV – 45 inch TV949 mm – 1100mm
32 inch TV – 38 inch TV750mm – 948mm
24 inch TV – 31 inch TV600mm – 749mm
Comparing standard TV sizes that are best suited to fireplace widths

Top Tip: It is common practice to match the TV aperture to the width of an electric fire or to go larger with the electric fireplace.

Need help with your media wall? Talk to a professional on 0118 970 1717

Best Electric Fires Based on TV Size

Below we look at what are the best electric fires to be used with certain TV sizes.

80 inch TVs and over

These electric fires are recommended to complement and enhance the visual experience of large-screen TVs, providing optimal aesthetic appeal and cosy ambiance.

These fires also look good configured with a 75 – 79″ tv.

75 inch TV – 79 inch TVs

For 75 to 79-inch TVs, these electric fires are an ideal choice to add warmth and style to the viewing area, creating a harmonious balance between the impressive screen size and a captivating fireplace ambiance.

These fires also look good configured with a 65″ – 74″ tv.

65 inch TV – 74 inch TVs

The second most popular TV size (65″).

Designed to perfectly complement the display of 65 to 74-inch TVs, these electric fires offer an immersive and stylish solution, enhancing the overall entertainment experience with a blend of visual appeal and comforting warmth.

These fires also look good configured with a 55″ – 64″ tv.

55 inch TV – 64 inch TVs

The most popular TV size (55″).

Tailored for 55 to 64-inch TVs, these electric fires provide an elegant and space-conscious solution, seamlessly integrating with mid-sized screens to deliver both visual sophistication and cosy ambiance in your entertainment area.

These fires also look good configured with a 46″ – 54″ tv.

46 inch TV – 54 inch TVs

Crafted to suit 46 to 54-inch TVs, these electric fires offer a compact yet impactful addition to your entertainment setup, providing not only a stylish aesthetic but also a cosy atmosphere for an enhanced viewing experience.

These fires also look good configured with a 39″ – 45″ tv.

39 inch TV – 45 inch TVs

Perfectly scaled for 39 to 45-inch TVs, these electric fires bring a harmonious blend of style and functionality to smaller screens, enhancing your viewing space with a touch of elegance and a comforting warmth.

These fires also look good configured with a 32″ – 38″ tv.

32 inch TV – 38 inch TVs

Tailored for 32 to 38-inch TVs, these electric fires provide a compact and stylish solution, seamlessly integrating with smaller screens to elevate the visual appeal of your entertainment area while maintaining a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

These fires also look good configured with a 24″ – 31″ tv.

24 inch TV – 31 inch TVs

Ideal for 24 to 31-inch TVs, these electric fires offer a space-efficient and stylish solution, ensuring a perfect balance of aesthetic charm and warmth for smaller screens in your entertainment setup.

How the Height of the TV Stand or Wall Mount Affects Perception

The positioning of your TV also influences the overall aesthetic. A TV mounted too high or too low can disrupt the balance of the room.

Optimal TV Heights:

  • 43-inch TV should be mounted 56 inches from floor to TV center.
  • 55-inch TV should be mounted roughly 61 inches off the floor.
  • 65-inch TV should be 65 inches off the floor
  • 70-inch TV should be roughly 67 inches from the floor to the center of the TV

Many thanks to CEPRO for this information above on optimal TV heights. Please view the full article here

In many cases, the optimal TV heights aren’t alwways achievable with an electric fireplace placed underneath. Overtime, it is easy to get used to and these dimensions should not discourage anyone wanting to install an electric fire alongside their TV.

Matching Aesthetics and Functionality

Ensuring the TV Complements the Electric Fireplace Design

Harmony in design is crucial. Choose a TV that complements the style and aesthetics of your electric fireplace for a cohesive look.

Balancing Size with the Overall Decor

Avoid overpowering the room with a massive TV or overshadowing the fireplace. Achieve a balance that enhances the overall ambiance.

The goal is to achieve a perfect ratio where the TV complements the existing decor rather than dominating it.

Large tv and electric fireplace in a living room. Equally spaced togethor.

Consider the style and theme of your room – whether it’s modern, traditional, or eclectic – and select a TV size that seamlessly integrates with the aesthetic.

This approach ensures that your entertainment setup not only provides a captivating viewing experience but also contributes positively to the overall ambiance of the room.

Practical Tips for Integrating Technology Seamlessly

Explore options like recessed wall mounts or built-in shelving to seamlessly integrate both the TV and electric fireplace, creating a polished and modern look.

These choices allow for the seamless integration of both your TV and electric fireplace, resulting in a polished and modern aesthetic.

Recessed wall mounts discreetly position the TV, reducing visual clutter and creating a sleek appearance.

Similarly, built-in shelving provides a functional and stylish way to house both the TV and electric fireplace, offering a cohesive and well-integrated design for your home.

Addressing Common Concerns

Potential Overheating Issues with Placing a TV Above an Electric Fireplace

Opting to mount the TV above a fireplace is a popular choice; however, it’s crucial to ensure there is sufficient ventilation to prevent potential overheating issues.

The majority of electric fireplaces have a fan heater which produces 1-2kW, the same amount as a portable heater. The air vents should not be covered and prolonged heat exposure to a TV can cause damage.

Premium electric fires excel in efficiently distributing heat throughout the room, ensuring that the warmth is extended without posing any risk of damage to the TV.

Shows the air flow of an electric fireplace heater to workout distances of tv installation.

These high-quality electric fires are designed to provide effective heating while maintaining a safe and controlled environment for electronic devices like TVs.

The advanced technology and craftsmanship of these fires work together to deliver a cosy atmosphere without compromising the integrity of nearby appliances.

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As electric fires only produce 1-2kW heat output, combustible materials can be used and generally pose no risk to a TV installed above but we would seek professional advice when mounting your tv.

Proper airflow around the TV is essential to dissipate the heat generated by the electric fireplace. Be mindful of the placement, and consider incorporating a tv into an aperture to prevent direct heat. We would recommend a minimum distance of 150mm from tv to electric fire.

Prioritising ventilation not only safeguards your TV but also enhances the longevity and performance of both the television and electric fireplace.

Alternatives for Unconventional Room Setups

If your room layout poses challenges, explore alternative setups, such as corner mounting or side-by-side placement.

Technological Considerations

Exploring Options like Adjustable Mounts and Built-In Solutions

TV wall mounts offer a practical solution for enhancing flexibility in viewing angles and gaining access to the space behind the TV. By utilising a wall mount, you can easily adjust the TV’s position, ensuring optimal viewing comfort from various angles.

TV wall bracket alternative installation method.

Additionally, employing an aperture in the setup not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal but also acts as a protective measure. The aperture prevents direct heat from the source, such as an electric fireplace, from reaching the TV, mitigating the risk of overheating.

This combination of a wall mount and strategic aperture placement not only enhances the overall functionality of your entertainment space but also safeguards the longevity of your TV.

Real-Life Examples

Explore real-life examples of successful setups, featuring various TV sizes and electric fireplace designs, providing inspiration for your own space.

Learn from the experiences of homeowners who have mastered the art of combining a TV with an electric fireplace, gaining insights into potential challenges and solutions.

Please read up to our previous heading ‘Best Electric Fires Based on TV Size‘ for the best electric fires based on TV size.

55″ TV And Electric Fireplace Setup

This media wall feaures a British Fires New Forest 1200 electric fireplace that is the perfect size for a 55″ tv. The TV aperture is very slightly larger so that it can be pulled out, installed on a bracket.

55" tv and matching electric fireplace setup inspiration example.

Featuring an overhang to enable for the tv recess on this wall. For a 1200mm electric fire it is recommended to ensure the full width is 1400mm or more.

65″ TV And Electric Fireplace Setup

The Onyx Avanti 150RW electric fireplace is a perfect match for 65-inch TVs, boasting a width of 1500mm. This fireplace, as showcased in the photo below, is featured in the inset 1 glass-sided version with a corresponding TV aperture positioned above.

65" tv and matching electric fireplace setup inspiration example.

The seamless integration of the electric fireplace and TV creates a stylish and cohesive look, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal in any living space.

With its sleek design and compatibility with larger TVs, the Onyx Avanti 150RW offers both warmth and a contemporary aesthetic, enhancing the overall ambiance of your room.

75″+ TV And Electric Fireplace Setup

For those aiming for a larger TV size of 75 inches or more, the Gazco eReflex 195RW or British Fires New Forest 1900 electric fire presents an ideal match.

75" tv or more with matching electric fireplace setup inspiration example.

With the expansive width and contemporary design of these electric fires, accommodating larger TVs becomes a seamless task. The generous dimensions ensure a proportional and visually pleasing setup, making it suitable for more extensive entertainment spaces.

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The Gazco eReflex 195RW and British Fires New Forest 1900 not only provide a captivating electric fireplace experience but also serve as an elegant backdrop for sizeable TVs, creating a stunning focal point for your living area.

What electric fire is 2 metres long?

A fire with a 2-metre width, such as the Solution Fires Lux 200 electric fireplace, provides an ample backdrop for showcasing an 80-inch television. With its expansive dimensions spanning 2000mm, this fireplace offers a generous canvas to complement the size and grandeur of an 80-inch TV.

Solution Fires Lux 200 Electric Fire

The harmonious pairing of the fireplace’s spacious design and the television’s impressive dimensions creates a visually striking focal point within any living space.

The Solution Fires Lux 200 electric fireplace has a 2 metre (2000mm) width which is suitable for a 80″ tv.

Whether you’re indulging in the warmth of the fire or immersing yourself in the captivating entertainment on the expansive screen, the combination promises to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your home environment.

Not found an electric fireplace for your tv setup? Browse all of our electric fires here (use the filters for sizes)

Future-Proofing Your Entertainment Space

Considering Potential Upgrades and Advancements

As technology keeps getting better, keep an eye out for upgrades that could make your entertainment setup even cooler.

Make sure the TV space is the right size from the get-go, as changing the TV size later can be tricky. It’s easier to plan ahead and get the right fit initially than dealing with adjustments later on.

This way, your setup stays relevant and lasts longer. Just stay tuned for new and improved features to keep your entertainment system up-to-date!


What are the risks of placing a TV above an electric fireplace?

Placing a TV above an electric fireplace can pose some risks, primarily related to overheating. The heat generated by the fireplace may affect the electronic components of the TV if not properly managed. To mitigate this risk, ensure proper ventilation, use heat-resistant materials for the TV stand or wall mount, and follow safety guidelines recommended by both the TV and electric fireplace manufacturers.

Can I use any TV with my electric fireplace, or are there specific requirements?

While there aren’t strict requirements, it’s advisable to consider certain factors for an optimal experience. Ensure that the TV’s size complements the room and viewing distance. Additionally, look for smart features that can sync with your electric fireplace system. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for any specific recommendations or compatibility considerations.

Are there recommendations for hiding TV cables in an electric fireplace setup?

Yes, hiding TV cables in an electric fireplace setup is essential for a clean and polished look. Consider using cable management solutions like cord covers, cable raceways, or in-wall cable concealment. These options not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to the safety and functionality of your entertainment space.

How do I ensure the TV doesn’t obstruct the heat from the fireplace?

Maintaining proper spacing between the TV and the electric fireplace is crucial to avoid obstructing heat flow. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding recommended distances. If mounting the TV above the fireplace, ensure there’s adequate ventilation, and consider using a mantel or shelf to redirect the heat away from the TV.

What should I do if my room layout doesn’t align with the standard guidelines?

If your room layout poses challenges in following standard guidelines, consider alternative setups. Explore corner mounting, side-by-side placement, or creative furniture arrangements to find a solution that works for your specific space. Customizing your setup based on your room’s unique characteristics can still result in a visually appealing and functional entertainment space.

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