Steel Metal Fireplace Slips

Delve into the selection of steel fireplace slips at Bonfire, where sophistication intertwines with practicality.

With meticulous craftsmanship, our steel slips add a contemporary edge to your fireplace, enhancing both its aesthetic allure and structural strength.

Elevate your home’s interior with our premium steel fireplace slips, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with their timeless elegance.

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Showing all 6 results

At Bonfire, we’re a leading supplier and installer of steel slips for fireplaces within the UK.

For over 25+ years, we have been installing steel slips for fireplaces throughout the South of England including London.

Require bespoke? No problem! We supply and install made to measure steel fireplace slips. Get in contact with our bespoke team on 0118 970 1717 or email

What are fireplace slips?

As fireplace surrounds and mantels come in set sizes, fireplace slips are used to close down the different to that of a fireplace opening as these will differ from property to property.