Wood Burning Stove Heat Output Calculator

Simply input your room’s measurements and insulation type below and our stove size calculator will tell you what size log burner you need for your home.

How to calculate the kw heat output required for a room manually?

To determine the room’s cubic space, multiply its width, height, and length. As a general guideline, divide the resulting cubic space by 14 to obtain the required kilowatt (KW) output for the room.

What should I bare in mind when choosing a log burner?

Consider the insulation quality, easily assessable through our calculator, as well as factors such as the number of radiators, desired room temperature, openness of the space, presence of underfloor heating, and the intended purpose of the stove—whether it’s meant to serve as the primary heat source or purely for aesthetic effect.

  • The amount of insulation in your home (factored in our calculator)
  • Determine the number of radiators in the room
  • Specify the desired room temperature
  • Consider the openness of the space
  • Account for the presence of underfloor heating
  • Define the stove’s purpose: main heat source or aesthetic effect

These considerations ensure a comprehensive approach to selecting a stove that aligns with your specific heating needs and preferences.

Why is it important to get the kW heat output correct?

Choosing the correct kW heat output for your log burner is crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, preventing the risks of underfiring or overfiring.

Incorrect heat levels can not only diminish the stove’s lifespan but also lead to potential issues such as tar buildup in the chimney, emphasising the importance of selecting the right capacity for your specific room.

What stove should I purchase based on my result?

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Our stove calculator even provides links to stoves that are genuinely suited to your space. Try it out below, and follow our concise guide to heat output (kW), size and installation for further information.

Heat Output Calculator