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Media walls are a great way to create a main centrepiece within your property and will add to the overall look of your home interior, not to mention the warm radiant glow an inset fireplace will cast across your living room.

Compliment your wall with a TV, soundbar, shelving or a fireplace for a media wall to complete the ultimate home styling look, the configurations are truely endless. The beauty of a false chimney breast with an electric fireplace is the fact that it requires no chimney or flue system, will save on your heating bills as they are very efficient and they look very realistic, almost like a real fire.

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Full Design, Supply and Installation Provided

At Bonfire, we provide a full media wall installation package which includes either a wood, gas or electric fire appliance from luxury leading industry manufacturers; British Fires, Legend Fires, Stovax Gazco, ONYX and many more installed into a bespoke false chimney breast.

Our installation projects can include a variety of recesses in any configuration for TV’s, sound bars, shelving or units for storage, the possibilities are endless.

We have hand picked a large collection of the most realistic media wall fires from the highest quality manufacturers from around the world, so that we can ensure that we’re offering the very best appliances and experience to our clientele. 

Bellfires Horizon Bell XL Gas Fire Installation with media wall
A Media Wall Installation By Bonfire

After enquiring, your wall will be fully designed by our in-house team of designers and technical specialists based on your preferences. Plans are then hand drawn and finished using CAD software, so you can visualise and get a feeling for your project before it happens. 

Our surveyors may visit your property before the installation is underway to conduct a survey. This will give us a better understanding of your project and allow us to calculate costings and how it will be completed, this all helps to guarantee a flawless installation project.

Dust sheets are laid and any surrounding surfaces are carefully covered by our team. A general installation will take our media wall team 1-2 days to complete depending on the size and complexity of the project.

We offer after care support and servicing on all of our fire installations so you’re never left in the dark. Extend your installation guarantee with Bonfire, for peace of mind.

Our Recent Installations

We know it can be hard choosing your pride and joy for your property as their are so many different finishes, configurations and sizes to choose from, that is why we have compiled a range of previous installations, Pinterest boards and illustrative built-in fires from our manufacturers for some inspiration and ideas.

Can’t find what you want? Get in contact with us for some advice and help.

ONYX Electric Fire Featuring Wood Panelling And Outset Electric Fireplace
Media Wall Fire Installation With TV

What media wall fire size is best?

Getting the sizing proportions right for your media wall fire is essential and a deciding factor of whether your wall will look right for your space, especially when installing alongside a TV or sound bar.

We recommend that your fire should be around the same size as your TV or even bigger, however, this of course is down to your own personal judgement. The depth of your breast should normally pretrude the fire out, from the wall, leaving a 15cm upright.

Generally speaking, inset and outset fires are between 1.2 metres to 1.5 metres in length with a 35cm glass height display with some of the larger fires at 2.4 metres in length.

Need help or assistance with your wall design?

Tips And Tricks

You may want to increase the size of your TV at some stage and so this may be something to bare in mind. Also, people think that you always need to have your chimney breast centre to a room, think outside the box and place it where you believe it will work best for the room.

What fire configuration is best for you?

A media wall fire is available in three different viewing configurations that determine how the fire will be seen. Every display should be carefully configured to match your home interior and layout of your room to truly enjoy the benefit of a fireplace.

gazco radiance 105r inset electric fire in living room

One Sided Front

A one sided inset fire design that creates a clean and minimalist looking full fire display. This sleek looking finish is a very space saving technique.

Two Sided Corner

Opt for either a right or left glass sided fire view depending on your room for a more immersive fire.

Three Sided Panoramic

Take full advantage of the flames with an outset fire view. This panoramic glass view takes full advantage of the flames from all angles.

Media Wall Hearths

Style your media wall with a stylish hearth that will compliment your fire. Our hearths sit around the glass of your fire. Whether it be a shiny finish which will reflect the warm dancing flames or a sleek aegean limestone hearth that sits across the whole length of your wall, we have got a hearth for you!

Any hearth, any size and made to measure. Hearths are not always necessary but are ideal for outset two or three sided fires. They can be matched to your room or interior styling to be inkeeping with your home. Our hearths are a tidy way to finish off your chimney breast in style.

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Media Wall Recesses

A recess is a great way to add some depth, a great space saving way of storing items and a way to display your items within the main centrepiece of your home. From wood storage compartments to shelving. Configure your wall just how you want it!

We also understand that access to your entertainment equipment can be tricky, that is why we design this in for you! Access through a hatch or from the back of a TV is the general rule of thumb. Compartment downlighting is also a great way to display any items placed in your wall unit.

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Showcasing a mini selection of recent work

What are some media wall finishes?

A media wall can be finished in over five different styles. A popular technique is Venetian Plaster which creates a textured 3D effect on your wall that can be finished in different colours and ranging amounts of texturing. Polished plaster also works well along with a copper venetian plaster look for media walls.

These plastering techniques add depth and vibrance to your wall and will make it stand out as a main focal point within your living room.

A feature built-in wall can also be painted, tiled or wallpapered depending on your style preferences. A new and upcoming trend is vertical wooden panelling which is slatted to create a contemporary modern style with depth. It is available in many different shades of timber and looks amazing in black.

Slatted wooden panelling is only available for electric fire inserts and not gas or wood burning. This is because wooden panelling for fireplaces is generally found to be a combustible material.

Media Wall By Venetian Plastering NorthWest

Leading Media Wall Supplier And Installer

One of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of bespoke media walls with a fireplace for the whole South East of England including London. Renowned installers operating in Reading, Newbury, Basingstoke, Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Pangbourne and London.

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Stuck for ideas? Check out our media wall Ideas UK

Showcasing Pinterest ideas and inspiration boards.

Browse our media wall fires

Browse our hand picked collection of fires in a one, two or three glass sided configuration. Featuring realistic flame effects and personalisable fuel beds which can all be operated via a thermostatic remote control.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A media wall is a stunning addition to any home and main centrepiece for your living room. With the ability to place a media wall anywhere, even in the bathroom and it still look beautiful the possibilities are endless. Add an inset fire for the ultimate media wall look that will cast a warm ambient glow over your room and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Stylish, minimalist and contemporary with endless amounts of configurations.  Create a unique focal point that will add value to your property and save on your heating bills. Pretty much every electric fire insert installed into a media wall has an efficiency rating of upto 99%!

No chimney? No problem! An inset electric fire combined with a media wall requires no flue system.

A great space saving way of introducing an electric fire into your home. A media wall allows you to combine a fire, TV, soundbar, speakers, shelving and more into a very compact space. All vanishing those all important cables from sight.

Easy access hatches can be added to your media wall so that you can easily access your electronics.

A general media wall installation will take 1-2 working days to complete depending on the amount of recesses and size of the wall.

Depending on the season, a rough estimate from enquiring to installation is 2-3 weeks. This is dependant on many factors and will constantly change.

Please note: This is a rough estimate and may change. Please get in contact, give us a call on 0118 970 1717 or email for our latest media wall lead times and media wall fire stock availability.

A media wall can cost anything from a few hundred pounds upto over £5,000. This depends on what fire appliance and tv you opt for and the size of the media wall. Excluding appliances a media wall installation will cost upwards of £1,400 including labour and materials.

For a bespoke quotation, enquire now.

Yes you can! A TV can be installed into a media wall safely with a recess. You will only need to be cautious when a gas or wood burning appliance has been installed underneath as an electric appliance does not get hot enough to cause any heat damage to a TV.

A TV can be recessed or flush to the wall.

Bonfire install media walls for the whole South East of England including London.

Operating in Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

If you’re located outside of these areas, please get in contact for a bespoke quotation.

We install wood burning, multi fuel, gas and electric fires into bespoke media walls throughout the whole South East of England including London. This could be an inset or outset fire appliance.

Don’t fancy installation? We can also supply your media wall fire for you.

Yes! We also offer all of our media wall fires on a supply only basis which can be delivered or collected from one of our nearest showrooms around the United Kingdom.

Every job will create mess. However, we completely eradicate this factor by protecting the initial area with dust sheets and protective film. We use the latest tools and technology to reduce the amount of dust and debris and dispose of all rubble and rubbish carefully and safely.

A media wall can be finished in many different ways for an electric fire. This could be paint, venetian plaster, wallpaper, tiles or even wood cladding. 

For inset wood burning fires and gas fires, as they get so hot, require non combustible materials to be applied to the chimney breast, especially not plaster as this will crack due to the heat.

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