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False Chimney Breasts

A false chimney breast is an outset fireplace chamber that creates a stunning feature to any room that contains an inset fire or free standing stove complimented with or without a television above.

At Bonfire, we can transform your room by installing a bespoke false chimney breast. A false chimney breast can contain an inset electric fire, inset gas fire or free standing wood burning stove appliance depending on your preference.

As well as incasing a fire, a false chimney breasts can be transformed into a media wall that can contain a flat screen television, sound bar and side units (with or without downlighting). The possible configurations are endless…

  • Electric Fires – Timber stud work as an electric fire has a maximum output of 2kW heat output
  • Wood Burning Stoves, Gas Fires, Wood Burning Fires – Metal stud work as exceeds over 2kW heat output

We build false chimney breasts from metal stud work as we install wood burning stove, gas fires and wood burning fires. Supplying all the materials, there are many different finishes, configurations and sizes that we offer with the addition of an optional designer to completley transform your wall into your dream fireplace.

A false chimney breast can create a main focal point to any room and really add to the overall aesthetic of a room. A bespoke false chimney breast can utilise space very well. They can furthermore be used as an entertainment media wall to hide unwanted cables from your entertainment equipment and be combined with downlighting, cupboards and shelving to create the ultimate media wall.

False Chimney Breasts For Wood Fires & Gas Fires

At Bonfire, we install false chimney breasts for inset and free standing appliances such as wood burning fires, gas fires and wood burning stoves. We can transform your wall creating a false chimney breast from nothing or knockout of what is existing.

We install false chimney breasts for the whole South East of England


Get the whole package with us for the best price guaranteed. Choose your desired appliance along with a false chimney breast package.

We will supply all materials and make sure your false chimney breast is safe complying to all building regulations, manufacturers regulations and distance to combustibles as well as ensuring it is secure.

Our installations all use the correct materials and all work is finished to the highest standard. We use metal stud work and A1 rated plaster board which is then tape and jointed ready for a paint or stone finish.

Please note: Plaster or wallpaper should not be used on metal stud chimney breasts due the potential cracking from the heat given off by a 2kW+ appliance.

They require materials that are non-combustible as the appliances can get very hot (over 2kW heat output) and could cause a fire if the false chimney breast is not installed correctly.

Take a look at our wood burning fire false chimney breast installation video below:

Media Walls For Electric Fires

A media wall or bespoke false chimney breast is a great way to incase an electric fire and an increasing trend showcased by many online influencers.

A television, sound bar, shelving and cupboards are normally added to create the dream media wall. Downlighting and LED lights can be added to create an ambience.

A simple timber stud work is built to create the framework for the chimney breast with standard plasterboard screwed over the top. The fire is then laid on top of blocks to create the optimal viewing height and get the appliance in the correct position. Please see manufacturers installation instructions to fix your appliance in place. The breast can be finished with plaster and then with paint, wallpaper or stone to achieve that optimal finish.

Due to the heat, you may experience cracking around your false chimney breast, this is nothing to worry about. Also for some inset electric fires you will need to leave cut-outs for the fan heater. Make sure these are not in direct positioning of a television or something combustible.

Timber stud work should be installed once the appliance is in position which is recommended by manufacturers instructions as dimensions of the whole appliance may differ. It also allows you to get a good feel for how the fire will sit before it is installed.

Electric fire stud work installation
  • Any good builder should be capable of this work

Electric fires differ enormously in price and realistic flame effect depending on the brand. All electric fires do make a slight fan noise but this is not noticable. Electric fires are used merely as a background heater and not for heating the house like wood burning stove or gas fire. They come with many different controls and customisable options for your desired effect.

Electric fires only produce a maximum heat output of 2kW and so non-combustible materials are not necessary. If your fire does exceed this heat output please opt for non-combustible materials to house your fire otherwise your fire will be unsafe.

Electric fire with television

A standard 230V UK electric socket should be contained within the false chimney breast to power an electric fire. The majority of electric fires are ‘Plug & Play‘. If an electric socket is not present, use a certified electrician to move an electrical socket in reach of the fire. It is recommended to leave access to this socket for future access.

Fire Suites

Fire suites are a great way to get the complete package easily installable by yourself. British Fires offer a range of suites which containes the fire along with a wall mounted suite that the fire sits within. Easy installation. Please enquire for more information or call us on 0118 970 1717.

British Fires Electric Fire Winchester Suite


What is a false chimney breast installation cost?

Costings of a bespoke chimney breast differ for every job. Please enquire for a full quotation with or without an appliance.

Can I put a tv above a fireplace?

The short answer is… yes you can. However, be cautious. LCD’s and Plasmas don’t like heat. No television should be in direct heat and a recessed false chimney breast tv section or wooden beam will deflect the heat away.

How long will it take to install a false chimney breast?

It will normally take 2-3 days to build a false chimney breast. A day to construct the framework and get the fire in place. A further day to plasterboard it and a few extra hourse to get it plastered.

What areas do you install false chimney breasts?

We cover the whole South East of England for the installation of false chimney breasts with or without an appliance. Or get the whole package deal, enquire now!

How long have Bonfire been installing?

We have been installing false chimney breasts for over 16+ years now and have over 56+ years industry experience. We also have lots of connections when it comes to completing other parts of the project.

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