Kiln Dried Logs

Bonfire Uber Logs are the environmentally friendly alternative to real logs and are guaranteed to get the optimum performance from your stove, fire or chiminea. Uber Logs are made from recycled material and burn hotter and longer then normal logs.

Berkshire Logs

For use on open fires, wood burning stoves, chimneys and fire pits. The environmentally friendly alternative to real logs, made from recycled material.

  • Berkshire Logs and Eco Logs
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Save on Heating
  • Burn Longer
  • Easy to store
  • Higher heat ouput than logs

Alternatively, order by the pallet – delivered to your door

Uber Logs have almost zero moisture content which means all the energy is turned into heat, not steam, creating an extremely efficient fire and keeping your stove glass clean.


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Other benefits of our Berkshire Uber Logs include:

  • No kindling is required
  • They are clean and convenient to handle
  • They don’t spit and produce less ash than regular logs
  • They produce a lower tar residue
  • They stack easily and conveniently

Uberlogs are intended for use on open fires, wood burning stoves, wood burning/log boilers, chimneys and fire pits.

There are discounts for bulk orders and FREE DELIVERY (unless you live in an area that normally attracts additional charges. Please call us on 0118 970 1717 if you’re not sure). Or pop in and visit our showroom.

Order yours now and enjoy an environmentally friendly, efficient, cost-effective fire.


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