Firewood Wood Logs And Briquettes in Reading Berkshire

Firewood is a great source of fuel for a log burner or multi fuel stove. There are many types of wood products that can be burnt within your stove appliance such as kiln dried logs, seasoned wood logs and log briquettes.

Are you looking for logs in Berkshire? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bonfire, we supply high quality logs and wood briquettes that are responsibly sourced for burning on your stove or fireplace.

Our Logs can be collected from our showroom if you are based in and around Reading Berkshire. We do not deliver.

Our family business understands the importance of good quality, well-seasoned hardwood, especially in your modern wood burning stove, which will become damaged if you use the wrong sort of fuel.

Our wood logs and briquettes have below 20% moisture content, making them burn hotter and longer than an unseasoned variety. All products are Ready To Burn approved.

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Even better, wood is a carbon neutral fuel, and even more environmentally friendly when used in something as efficient as a stove.

A single kiln-dried log can provide as much energy as three freshly cut ones, possibly more in a stove, giving you warmth that lasts.

Logs should always be sourced from an FSC approved forests, each tree cut down for firewood is re-planted, and the carbon dioxide released in the burning is eventually absorbed by the growing plant.

You can enjoy your heating in winter while still remaining eco-friendly, and probably saving money too.

Wood Log Briquettes

The environmentally friendly alternative to real logs, made from recycled material.

Our wood briquettes are from clean recycled wood. Environmentally friendly and classed as an eco fuel. They’re guaranteed to get the optimum performance from your appliance.

  • Burn hotter, longer & cleaner
  • Stack easily & conveniently
  • No harmful tar residues to flues & chimneys
  • Clean & conventional to handle
  • They produce less ash & don’t spit

Why should I get log briquettes?

  • Our log briquettes are made from clean recycled pallet wood making them the environmentally friendly alternative to real logs.
  • They burn for longer and get hotter than seasoned logs due to their extremely dry and dense structure.
  • They stack easily and are clean to handle. This means that stacking and storage is really easy and efficient, taking up very little space.
  • Our wood log briquettes are made in the UK.


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Frequently asked questions

What appliances are wood briquettes for?

Our log briquettes are best for woodburners, multi stoves, wood ovens, log boilers, chimeneas, firepits & open fires.

Is delivery available for your logs?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver wood logs or log briquettes. Collection is easy from our showroom and payment can be made in-store or online for click and collection.

A member of staff will help carefully load your vehicle and you’ll be surprised how many logs you can fit into the boot of a vehicle.

Is collection available?

Yes, collection is available from our Reading, Berkshire showroom in Silchester. With free parking and easy access, you can pay in-store to takeaway the same day. Your vehicle will be loaded by a member of staff.

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