Chimney Lining

At Bonfire, we take pride in being the foremost regional chimney specialist. Our forte lies in the meticulous installation of chimney liners, offering a spectrum of methods to line or reline flues.

Whether you have an wood burning stove, gas fire, open fire, or any other appliance, the efficiency and safety of your setup hinge on a sound and leak-proof flue. Our commitment is to ensure just that through our diverse range of flue lining systems.

Why Choose Bonfire for Chimney Lining?

The key to an efficient and secure operation of your heating appliances is a properly lined flue. Bonfire provides expert advice on selecting from our diverse range of systems.

  • Over 20+ years experience
  • Diverse range of product solutions
  • Price competitive quotes
  • Full in-house team
  • HETAS and Gas Safe Registered

While our solutions focus on the flue, we understand the importance of the overall chimney stack condition. A well-insulated flue system, installed by Bonfire, effectively manages combustion products and condensation, safely dispersing them into the atmosphere.


We prioritise excellence and lasting value. Our team takes immense pride in crafting exceptionally durable products through in-house manufacturing. When it comes to chimney systems, we exclusively provide offerings from well-established high quality brands such as Midtherm, Poujoulat, and Isokern, among others.

Our Chimney Lining Systems

Isokern Pumice Liner

Pumice, renowned for its excellent thermal properties, durability, and resistance to chimney fires, stands as an ideal choice.

Pumice chimney

Particularly recommended for thatched properties, pumice acts as an effective insulator, maintaining an optimal internal flue temperature. This ensures the proper expulsion of flue gases, crucial for the efficiency of modern wood burners.

Flexible Flue Liner

Bonfire’s stainless steel flexible flue liner installation is hassle-free, especially if your chimney has minimal bends or obstructions.

Flexible flue liner

This twin-walled steel liner for solid fuel and oil (or single-walled for gas) can be seamlessly threaded down the chimney. It connects effortlessly to your stove or appliance, promoting efficient updraught without the need to open up the chimney breast.

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Twin Wall Flue System

In situations where there’s no existing chimney or it’s insufficient, our prefabricated stainless steel systems come to the rescue.

Twin wall flue system installation

We use high quality brands for a long lasting 20 year guarantee, available in Black or stainless steel. The reliability and performance of these systems make them a preferred choice.

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Contact Us for Expert Chimney Liner Installation

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. If you have any questions or concerns about our chimney liner installation services, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

We’re here to ensure your chimney operates at its best, keeping your home warm and secure. Choose Bonfire for excellence in chimney solutions.

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