Design & Technical Service

Bonfire will design and install the perfect fireplace, stove or fire installation for your home anywhere within the whole of the South East of England including London. Whether it’s a wood burning stove or multi fuel stove that’s going into an existing fireplace opening.

Bonfire will help you from start to finish, our step-by-step guide below explains our wood burning stoves and fireplaces design and installation process.

Designing and choosing either a wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove can be really difficult.

At Bonfire we make this process as stress free as possible, when choosing an appliance. We know this is a major add on or change to your home and there are lots of points to cover wether it’s the heat output of your wood burner stove or wether your after a modern wood burning stove or a more traditonal multi fuel stove.

Also another thing to be considered is if your going to only ever burn wood on your wood burning stove or you do have the use for possible burning smokeless coal. These two different stoves are labelled as wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves.

The advantage to a multi fuel stove is that coal has a much longer burning time of upto 12 hours meaning you can run your fire through the night and still have the luxury to put seasoned logs on at the same time.

With wood burning stoves you can only burn seasoned wood due the integrity of the body and inside of the stove it can not handle the heat from the coal and will damage the lining of the wood burning stove.

Our showroom in Reading, Berkshire has a wide range of wood burning stoves, Modern wood burning stoves with high kw output or a more traditonal multi fuel stove we have made sure that we have a wide choice of stoves in kent.

  • First stage make contact with us either via our contact form give us a call or pop into our showroom.
  • One of our fully trained surveyors will come to your home to give a free estimate on the works to be carried out.
  • Once the appliance is chosen the next stage will be commencing with the works. A typical installation can usually completed within a couple of days – often sooner!
  • With installation complete we will run you through how to use your new woodburning or multi fuel stove.
  • Each year we will send you a chimney sweep reminder so that you can keep your log burning stove fully maintained and running efficiently.
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