Limestone Fireplace Surrounds

Limestone fireplaces are great for both modern and period properties creating a striking statement for any room beautifully complimenting any free standing or inset fire appliance. Available in an array of different limestone types such as Aegean, Portuguese and Charmot, you’re bound to find a stone fireplace that will suit your home interior. This hard-wearing stone can be pre-sealed and is a stylish combination of sharp outlines and subtly white chalky colours.

Whether you’re after a traditional period fireplace or something modern and chic to suit your stylish stove or a Semi Rijo or Rosal stone fireplace features a fresh finish to lift your room.

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Showing 1–20 of 90 results

At Bonfire, we’re a supplier and installer of limestone fireplaces and have been for over 20+ years offering optional delivery and installation on all of our fire surround limestone.

Our limestone surrounds and fireplace mantels are crafted from either Portuguese, Charmot or Aegean stone variants. All featuring a soft white colour, natural veining and fossils that give the limestone a speckled grain.

Aegean Limestone: A creamy white limestone that has fine graining and infused with lots of tiny fossils for a clean cut faint speckled look. Originating from Turkey, during the manufacturing process many of these become loosened resulting in ‘pitting’ across the material surface. This is a characteristic of the material and adds to the natural beauty of the product. Supplied in a honed finish this material will require sealing after installation.

Portuguese Limestone: Fused over millions of years, this limestone contains fossilised plant and animal remains embedded in a cream background resulting in natural veining and grain pattern throughout. Cool to the touch and with a matt finish, this attractive material remains one of our most popular. We use two different variants of this stone:

Semi Rijo: This is sawn parallel to the natural vein in the stone resulting in a subtle linear pattern running horizontally across the fireplace. Small fossils will also be present. Often referred to as veined limestone, it remains one of our favourites.

Rosal: This is specially selected and contains far less fossils and veins resulting in a much clearer material. It is cross sawn and has a cloudy, more granular appearance when finished. It is well suited for more ornate fireplace designs.

Charmot Limestone: A warm, earth-toned limestone with a light beige background, medium grain and occasional shell inclusions. It is quarried in Massangis, France. Consistent grain distribution stippled evenly across the surface lends a subdued visual texture that’s versatile in any design aesthetic.

Looking for a bespoke limestone fireplace feature? We provide a full Made To Measure service based on your measurements. Get in contact for our bespoke service.

Our team are available to answer any questions you may have about our limestone for fireplaces, can assist with what bathstone will work best for you and guide you through our simple ordering process. Contact us if you would like assistance with measuring for your limestone fireplace. Call us now on 0118 970 1717 or email us at