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COVID-19 Update

Updated Friday 26th June 2020

Our showrooms are now open with normal opening hours and our engineers have resumed works on new and existing projects. We are still abiding by government safety measures. Appointments are not necessary.

To achieve the social distancing requirements, we have to limit the number of customers in showrooms at any one time. Please be patient if you have to wait, this is for the safety of our customers and colleagues. Furthermore, we are providing anti-viral hand wash, gloves and face masks as required.

We should like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support and colleagues for their commitment and understanding at this time. In the meantime, we hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy during the coming period.

The Bonfire team🔥

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I put a TV above my fireplace?

Yes you can! Much like you can place picture frames and other items on your mantel piece without them melting. Although, there is a distance to combustible above the stove which must be adheared to. It can help if a beam is fitted between the fire and TV to help deflect the heat. If it is a wooden beam just make sure you have the correct distance to combustibles.

Will a stove affect my home insurance?

A smoke tested and commissioned Hetas passed stove will not affect your house insurance, we recommend contacting your insurance supplier none the less.

What fuel can I use for my stove?

Wet wood and treated wood will damage the flue liner of your chimney. Stoves are typically multifuel or wood only, depending on the stove. Wood is the best considering it is carbon neutral but anthracites can also be used but please do check the manuel for the neccessary fuels.

Why is my stove glass blackening

The most common reason for blackened glass is damp or wet wood. Anything over 20% moisture content is classed as wet and should not be used. Not only will you get blackened glass but you will also not benifit from the full heat output of your stove due to the moisture cooling the flue gasses. This will also damage your flue. Burning damp wood for a long period of time can tar up the flue, block the flue and in worst case cause a chimney fire.

The other reason for blackened glass is not using the appliance at its optimum temperature. We often see stoves that are underfired or slumbered overnight – this should not be done. It will only damage the appliance and flue. If the stove is sized correctly for the room you should be able to use it at its optimum and the glass will not go black

Why does my stove not light?

The common case for this is normally that the flue has not been heated up enough and so the chimney will not draw. Secondly, you may be burning damp wood. You can get a moisture metre from your local shop at a little price.

Can I burn multi fuels in my wood burning stove?

Wood burning appliances are designed to burn wood only. However, there are some wood burning models that can be converted to a solid fuel appliance using an optional multi-fuel kit. 

What servicing does my stove need?

It is important that you have your solid fuel or gas stove or fire annually serviced by a suitably trained and qualified individual (HETAS registered or Gas registered in the United Kingdom or equivalent in other countries). Your retailer should be able to arrange the annual service for you or you can find details of HETAS registered engineers by visiting

Where can I get spare parts?

We unfortunatley do not stock any spare parts for any of our appliances due to the unrealistic online competition prices. Manufacturers should stock spare parts and can be contacted directly via their websites.

What areas do you serve free surveys to?

We cover all home counties including London. We offer free surveys within a 25 mile radius of our showroom in Silchester, Berkshire.

How long will my installation take?

From start to finish process should take 3-4 weeks due to delivery, process and installation. The actual installation itself should take 2+ hours depending on the job.

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