Fireplace Rebates: All You Need To Know

What is a rebate?

A rebate refers to the distance between the wall and the front of the back panel once the mantelpiece is installed.

Typically, our mantelpieces have a one-inch (25mm) rebate, ensuring a secure fit for a standard one-inch back panel between the wall and the surround.

Rebate Plan View Drawing

What is it used for?

A rebate allows for the installation of slips in this gap which closes down a fireplace surround to a fireplace opening.

This setup also allows for an inset fire to be recessed into the wall cavity behind.

Fireplace Surround Rebate Example

Please see below an example of a 25mm rebate on a limestone fireplace surround. On the left picture it shows the exterior of the leg which has a larger depth than that of the right picture which shows the internal with 25mm less stone.

This is apparent with the gap between the interior chamber lining and the stone.

What if I don’t require a rebate?

It can be filled with a strip of the same surround material, a bespoke surround can be made or chamber linings can be butted forwards to fill this gap.

What if my wall has no cavity?

In cases where there is no cavity in the wall for inset installation, an electric fire or flueless gas fire can be recessed into the suite itself. This arrangement enables the entire suite to sit flush against the wall.

Many of our suites offer both one-inch and three-inch rebate options. By adjusting the inside return, you can position the back panel further back, creating a larger recess to accommodate the fire.

How do I measure my rebate?

Measuring the rebate is straightforward and involves assessing the mantelpiece’s returns.

Inspecting the bottom of the mantelpiece’s legs reveals the inside and outside returns. The outside return represents the depth from the face of the leg to the wall behind, determining the surround’s depth. Meanwhile, the inside return spans from the leg face to the back panel, securing the back panel in place.

Picture credits: Fireplace World

The image above from shows the inside return is smaller than the outside return.

To determine the rebate size, subtract the inside return from the outside return. For instance, if the outer return measures 100mm and the inside return measures 75mm, the rebate would be calculated as 100mm – 75mm, resulting in a 25mm rebate.

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How do I remove a fireplace rebate?

Fireplace surrounds usually come as standard with a rebate. This can be filled by a strip of the same surround material, a bespoke fireplace surround can be made with a 0mm rebate or interior linings can be installed 25mm outside of the chamber to fill this gap.

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