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At Bonfire, where the warmth of tradition meets the expertise of over a century combined in restoring and enhancing the fireplaces, chimneys, open fires and stoves in heritage-listed buildings.

Our dedicated team, with more than 65 years of experience, specialises in working with heritage, listed, thatch, and conservation area properties.

Heritage Chimneys

Understanding Heritage Properties

Heritage properties hold a unique charm, reflecting the rich history and architectural marvels of bygone eras.

At Bonfire, we understand the importance of preserving these structures, and our team consists of craftsmen with a profound appreciation for the intricacies of heritage-listed buildings.

We have first-hand experience, having worked on our own heritage properties, allowing us to connect with the challenges and needs of these historical treasures.

Expertise in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Our journey at Bonfire has taken us through numerous restoration projects, collaborating with conservation officers and working on listed buildings.

Whether it’s the grandeur of Grade 1 listed country houses or the quaint charm of Grade 2 listed cottages, we prioritise sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders involved in the restoration process.

Conservation areas pose unique challenges, and our team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of preserving heritage in these designated zones.

We deal with different types of properties:

Please take a look at the diverse property types we specialise in. Our services include Design and Installation, Fireplace Renovation and Design, as well as a variety of other offerings.

  • Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed Properties
  • Country Houses and Cottages
  • Thatch Properties
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Conservation Area Properties

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed Properties

As listed grade 2 property owners ourselves, we excel in preserving the grandeur of Grade 1 listed country houses and the historical charm of Grade 2 listed properties.

Country Houses and Cottages

From sprawling country estates to cosy cottages, we adapt our expertise to suit the unique characteristics of each property.

Thatch Properties

Thatched roofs add a distinctive touch to heritage buildings, and we specialise in ensuring the integration of fireplaces and stoves with these unique structures.

Heritage Buildings

Our passion lies in preserving the heritage of buildings, ensuring that our work seamlessly aligns with and complements the original structure.

Conservation Area Properties

Navigating the regulations of conservation areas, we work collaboratively to enhance fireplaces and stoves while preserving the historical integrity of the property.

Preserving Authenticity

While construction work may be inevitable, we approach each project with a commitment to preserving the authenticity of heritage-listed buildings.

Our craftsmen possess expertise in traditional materials and building techniques, ensuring that any new work seamlessly aligns with the original structure. This could be the adaption to the original open fireplace sizing or simply working with lime plaster.

Open Fireplace Installation
Open Fireplace Installation

Be it a grand estate or a countryside dwelling, we strive to maintain the historical charm while enhancing the functionality of fireplaces and stoves.

Collaboration and Communication

At Bonfire, we believe in open communication and collaboration throughout the restoration process. Our team regularly engages with property owners, construction teams, planners, and conservation officers.

  • Construction Teams
  • Property Owners
  • Estate Managers
  • Planners
  • Conservation Officers

Drawing on our extensive experience, we confidently discuss proposed methods, assess their impact on the building, and ensure the authenticity of the undertaken work.

This collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, fostering a smooth restoration journey.

Our Clients

We cater to a distinguished clientele, ranging from quaint cottages to large expansive family estates. Here are just two examples that showcase the clients we serve at Bonfire.

Among our exclusive roster, some prefer to keep their engagements discreet.

Flue Lining and Fireplace Solutions

The heart of any fireplace or stove lies in its flue system. With a myriad of flue lining options available, it’s crucial to seek expert advice that considers the building as a whole and its long-term suitability.

Bonfire specialises in providing impartial opinions tailored to the unique characteristics of heritage-listed buildings. Whether clients aim to restore the original function of fireplaces or consider overhauling or replacing them, we present all available options.

Our team understands the challenges posed by structural constraints and budget limitations. In such cases, we offer alternative suggestions to ensure that the vision of preserving the historical essence is not compromised.

By carefully assessing the condition and requirements of each property, we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Revitalising Obsolete Flues and Chimneys

In larger historic homes, flues and chimneys may become obsolete over time. However, these architectural elements can still serve various purposes.

Bonfire conducts thorough surveys to determine the route, dimensions, condition, and suitability of flues for specialised air systems or as conduits for data transfer and cabling requirements.

Neglected or renovated houses may have flues obstructed by bird nesting material or debris. Our team is equipped to assess, survey, and collaborate with conservation authorities to address blockages while ensuring the preservation of the historical fabric.

Early involvement from architects, surveyors, and other building professionals is emphasised to integrate flue solutions seamlessly into the overall restoration plan.

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Bonfire stands as your trusted partner in preserving the warmth and historical charm of heritage-listed buildings.

Our team’s dedication to craftsmanship, combined with a deep understanding of heritage, listed, thatch, and conservation area properties, sets us apart as specialists in fireplaces and stoves.

Whether you are embarking on a restoration project for a Grade 1 listed mansion or a Grade 2 listed cottage, Bonfire is committed to maintaining the authenticity and character of these historical treasures.

Contact us today to explore how we can bring warmth and functionality to the heart of your heritage-listed property while preserving its unique story for generations to come.

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