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Top 10 Best Electric Fires For 2021

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An electric fire is considered the main focal point to any room, especially a living room and can really add depth and warmth to any home interior. A place to relax, unwind and escape from the outside world. Electric fires can be inserted into a false chimney breast or even a media wall to become the main central hub for the family home.

A great way to heat your home by the click of a button, you don’t even have to move from your sofa! A cost effective method that won’t make you spend thousands on fuel. Electric fires have become very popular especially when contained within a false chimney breast or media wall as they add a central feature to any room with little hassle.

We understand it can be very hard to choose the perfect electric fire as there are so many different designs at varied price points on the market. So, we have compiled a list of our top 10 best electric fires for 2021 from the most popular electric fire manufacturers for 2021. These include; Gazco Fires, Evonic Fires, British Fires and Legend Fires.

We have hand picked a wide variety of different electric fire types to give you a good understand of what best suits you to hopefully help you pick your perfect electric fire.

10. Legend Fires Nero 1500

The new Nero electric fire from Legend Fires produces a very realistic flame effect that sits behind some very realistic looking logs.

  • Three different installation configurations
  • No panoramic flame dead spots
  • Optional anti-reflextive glass
  • British manufacturered

An inset electric that has a more proud look to it just like an open fire. A sleek design that is 1.5 metres long enough to fully take hold of a room. Available in 3 different configurations for a personal customisation touch. A british made fire that comes with a remote control for easy lighting from your sofa.

£2,398 (Correct as of date of publishing)

9. British Fires New Forest 1200

A very popular robust and durable electric fire that is made in Britain and winners of the 2020 Art of Fire Vesta Winner.

  • Very realistic flame effect
  • Quiet fan noise
  • 3 different glass configurations

Available in 3 different glass sides configurations this electric fire is the middle size of the New Forest electric fire range. It has large glass sides which take full advantage of the very realistic flame effect and logs. It comes complete with different wood chippings, glass crystals and logs that can be upgrade to deluxe logs all in one box so you can add you personal touch.

£1,799 (Correct as of date of publishing)

8. Gazco Radiance 135R

The Radiance 135R is a beautiful 1.4 metre long electric fire that produces realistic led flames that change colour along with customisable fuel bed effects.

  • Cost effective
  • Different flame effect colours
  • Remote control
  • Different fuel bed options

A great electric fire that is a cost effective solution. It comes with a remote control for easy lighting from your sofa and it can be enjoyed with the heating off whilst the flame visuals are on. Ideal for a media wall or false chimney breast under a tv.

The 135R is the perfect size for a medium sized room and will become the main focal point. Available in three sizes, a slightly smaller version is available within the range, the 105R which is 1.1 metres long that is also very popular.

£805 (Correct as of date of publishing)

7. Gazco eReflex 105R

A picture perfect fire for an inset space within a chimney breast. A realistic flame and fuel bed effect that has vibrant colours.

  • Realistic logs and flames
  • Different flame options
  • Different fuel effects
  • Chromalight LED system

The eReflex features a full chromoalight led system which adds depth and vibrance to the flames which reflex off the realistic ceramic logs that are provided alongside crystals and other fuel bed effects. The fuel bed and flame effect can be changed to many different colours to allow you to customise the fire for the room setting.

The eReflex range includes logs and other features which the Radiance range doesn’t. Learn more.

£1,095 (Correct as of date of publishing)

6. Gazco Logic2 Progress

Ideal for compact fireplace inserts with a contemporary spin on a traditional design

  • Ideal for fireplace inserts
  • Sweeping styling
  • Realistic flame

A smaller and different style to your sleek and contemporary inset that we’re used to today. The sweeping lines and realistic led flames can be encased within a complimenting fireplace.

This fire is available with many different frames from the Logic range to suit your home interior. A highly electric fire that will warm up a room. The heater can be turned off whilst the flame effects are still running.

£420 (Correct as of date of publishing)

5. Gazco eReflex 55w Outset

A great addition to any contemporary interior with its large glass fire display that sits outset into the room.

  • 3 glass sided design
  • 13 different colour settings
  • Eco friendly efficient fire

The eReflex range is a high quality electric fire range from Gazco. The 55w produces very realistic flame effect visuals with a large fire view available in 4 other sizes in outset or inset variants. The fuel bed can be customised to logs, crystal ice effect, clear and grey pebbles which are all includes within the box.

The customisation of this fire is endless right the way through to installation whereby it could be sat within a media wall or along a seating plinth like in the picture above, eitherway it will truely look great and be an amazing addition to your home.

£889 (Correct as of date of publishing)

4. British Fires Winchester Suite

The Winchester suite is something that British Fires provide to encase their electric fires range so that you can have the fire wall mounted and outset into the room.

  • Outset feature
  • Wall Mounted
  • 2 Marble effect colours
  • Contemporary design

A compact a stylish design that uses a clever marble paint effect which does really look like marble. A sleek and contemporary suite that creates a bigger impact in a room. Easy installation with a shelf above that allows you to place objects upon to really blend it into the furniture.

This suite is also available in gray with a different size known as the Brockenhurst suite which has a slightly longer bottom shelf that sits below the fire.

£2,499 (Correct as of date of publishing)

3. Evonic Fires e1500

A smart app controlled electric fire that can be personalised via your mobile phone without you having to leave your sofa.

  • Large horizontal fire view
  • Smart app controlled
  • Realistic and unique flame effect

The Evonic range of electric fires are very energy efficienct and produce a beautiful flame effect like no other. The flames reflect off the realistic ceramic logs to give a richer, deeper feel. The e1500 features front and side glass with a choice of silver birch or woodland ceramic logs which all come in the same box.

Conversion panels are included within the box along with all neccessary easy fix installation instructions and tools. This fire is a real centre piece for a room with a large glass fire opening. It can be boxed in to leave a very sleek and contemporary finish.

£2,199 (Correct as of date of publishing)

2. Evonic Lindstrom DS

A beautiful double sided electric fire that really shows depth and vibrance with its flame effects that are customisable in 6 different colours.

  • Double sided view
  • Realistic flame effects
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Six colour effects

A centre piece electric fire that allows a room to still flow without being to over powering. This fire works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy operating from your sofa. The majority of Evonic electric fire have this functionality with other electric fire manufacturers using a simple remote.

£2,995 (Correct as of date of publishing)

1. British Fires New Forest 1600

The New Forest 1600 is a contemporary and sleek designed electric fire that has great proportions. We believe that the 1600 is the ideal size as it’s dominance captivates a room, out of the New Forest range.

British Fires New Forest Electric Fire 1600
  • Quiet fan noise
  • Realistic logs & flames
  • Deluxe log upgrade
  • 3 different configurations

The New Forest range includes logs which can be arranged just how you would like them (log upgrades vailable). Adding to the customisation, you can also install this electric fire with 1, 2 or even 3 glass sides.

It gives off a heat output of 1-2kW and produces little fan noise, not disturbing the normal sound volume of a room. A rich and 3D flame effect that has lots of depth is present with the British Fires New Forest range. These models can be easily installed into a false chimney breast and a bespoke suite from British Fires, as seen earlier.

£2,299 (Correct as of date of publishing)

We hope that this list has helped you choose your perfect fire for your home. If you need anymore help or advice about electric fires, please drop us a comment below and one of our team members will get back to you.


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