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The Society For The Protection Of Ancient Buildings

Bonfire in Berkshire are very proud to support and be corporate members of the SPAB. They specialise in Old Chimneys, Old Fireplaces, Limestone Mortar, Listed Buildings, Thatch, Bread Ovens, Old brickwork

Contemporary, traditional or even ancient, at Bonfire we are fanatical about all fireplaces and flues whatever their age!

We are often called on by professional or members of the public to renovate, adapt or just get working old or listed chimneys or fireplaces.

We understand which materials to use and where, we can balance form and function, to ensure that your chimney or fireplace not only works correctly and is safe, but will also last for many more decades to come.

Who and what are the SPAB?

“The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings is involved in all aspects of the survival of buildings which are old and interesting. Our principal concern is the nature of their “restoration” or “repair”, because misguided work can be extremely destructive. To us the skill lies in mending them with the minimum loss of fabric and so of romance and authenticity. Old buildings cannot be preserved by making them new”

If you would like some advice or someone to support or represent you, just give us a call or pop across an email.


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