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Charnwood Stoves

Charnwood stoves manufacturer high quality classical wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts on the Isle of Wight.

Bonfire are an approved premier dealer of Charwood wood stoves and fireplace inserts for the United Kingdom, offering local store pickup and optional installation on the full Charnwood range and have done for over 15+ years. We showcase the best prices guaranteed with the best after care support from our team.

Bonfire install for the whole South East of England including London.

Charnwood stoves are a British wood burning and multi fuel stoves manufacturer based on the Isle of Wight. Each stove is carefully crafted to high quality standards and is a leading stove manufacturer within the UK.

The stoves are high quality, durable and are heat efficient. Available in different colours, heat outputs and design variants suitable for different home interiors and preferences.

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All Charnwood stoves are carefully crafted, designed and developed in the United Kingdom. They manufacturer contemporary and classical looking stoves.

Get an insight of the manufacturer:

Charnwood showcase cast iron, classically designed stoves that are DEFRA approved, SIA eco design compliant for 2022 and are all very easy to use.

Charnwood, which was founded in 1972,  manufacture a unique range of classically designed log burners and multi fuel stoves.

A British company run by the same family today, produce high quality, innovative and efficient stoves that seamlessly become the focal point to any interior.

The C-Series range from Charnwood Stoves is one of the best selling wood burning stove ranges on the market; the unique design includes the Charnwood C-Four, Charnwood C-Five and the Charnwood C-Six.

The majority of Charnwood stoves are DEFRA approves, SIA Eco Designed stoves for 2022 and all are very easy to use.


They are built to last with their sleek, high quality and durable designs. Charnwood are very good value for money and are very efficient.

These stoves are available with many different stove accessories including the log storage stands and a variety of sizes.

Charnwood Aire 5 Wood Burning Stove

Their wood burning stoves & inset wood fires have an amazing heat output and seamlessly blend into any home interior yet creating a focal point to any room. The designs are contemporary and are very unique.

Moreover, there is nothing better than cosying up around a fire with friends and family on a cold winters day.

The Charnwood Range

  • Aire Range – Contemporary styles wood burning stoves with a larger glass fire opening. Slightly sleeker than other ranges.
  • Arc Range – A more rounded and taller range with an optional storage stand.
  • Bay Range – Landscape looking fire display that can be inset.
  • Bembridge Range – A showroom exclusive range with a traditional embossed pattern.
  • C Series – The most popular range from Contura with 5 different C series models to choose from.
  • Country Range – A traditional looking stove range that prompts a more robust workshop stove.
  • Cove Range – A robust and durable stove with a flat front.
  • Island Range – A double doored stove range with landscape proportions.
  • LA Range – Traditional boiler inset stoves with a double door.
  • Skye Range – A compact styles stove with rounded corners and edges.
  • SLX Range – A double doored classical styles home stove range.

What are the advantages of Charnwood stoves?

  • High quality – Swedish manufacturing technology and quality control. A cold climate and so it’s part of their heritage to keep warm.
  • Very versatile – Tolerant of short flues and so ideal stove install in a kitchen extension or garden office or summer house or a normal twin wall installation.
  • Large log length – Allows for more user flexibility and heat output.
  • Small distance to combustibles – Stoves can be installed in an existing situation (50mm of material). Cost effective and will not upset your interior decoration.
  • Large support network – So you will always have help and be able to find a solution for your stove.

Wood Stove Installation

Bonfire are an official authorised dealer of Charnwood stoves in the United Kingdom. We provide every type of Charnwood wood burners & multi-fuel stoves with an option of installation and have done for the past 10 years.

Offering a 10 year warranty on every stove, which combined with our award winning aftercare support makes us the perfect choice when you’re ready to buy a Charnwood stove.

Stove installation for Contura stoves is recommended by a HETAS & Gas Safe Registered installer. This will guarantee that your installation has been installed correctly, complies with UK building regulations, meets distance to combustibles and manufacturers guidelines.

These precautions are important and are not put in place to catch you out. A work around should not be your approach. They are there to keep you and your family safe.

Charnwood C Four Wood Burning Stove Installation

Failure to comply with these necessary precautions will severely jeopardise your house insurance and pre-long the sale of a house.

A stove heating appliance has to be signed off with a certificate showing that it complies with all necessary safety measures to make sure it has been installed correctly.


Bonfire are a premier dealer of Charnwood wood burning stoves, multi fuel and eco design ready stoves in the United Kingdom and have been for over 10 years. Covering the South East of England for installation and delivery.

We stock the full range of free standing stoves and inset fires. We have over 10+ live displays available to view in our showrooms across the United Kingdom so that you can get a real feel for what Charnwood wood burners are all about.

We’re factory trained engineers & sales personnel providing quality knowledge & advice. We’re happy to talk to builders, architects, developers and designers to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

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About Charnwood Stoves

Charnwood provide a large range of modern wood burning stoves, multi fuels stoves and eco designed stoves that are available in various styles and design variants.

Moreover, Charnwood have recently introduced a glass type of many of their leading design log burners. This adds to the already sleek aspect. Each appliance is available with a number of accessories such as tops or plate hearths that come in glass or metal.

Inset fireplaces are a new innovative design that can work as a modular piece. They’re a stand alone segment which can come with additional log storage compartments.

Charnwood are an innovative company providing high quality log burners and inset fireplaces to the UK market. They have many different modern designs and are gradually expanding their portfolio range.

They’re a Swedish company and take inspiration from the climate. A core factor of their heritage is keeping warm so they’ve got to be the best! With forward thinking ideas, Contura have become a leading stove manufacturer for Europe.


Charnwood produce high quality stoves that are designed to have a long life span. Maximum performance and quality is an essential part of the Charnwoods mission with a personal approach to customer service.

Regular servicing 2 times a year depending on how much you use your stove or inset fireplace can be crucial. Learn how to service your stove.

When purchased through an official, authorised stockist and registered using the code given by them the bodies of our stoves will be covered by a 10 year dealer-backed guarantee (or 3 years in the case of boiler stoves).

Additionally we offer a 1 year no-quibble guarantee for all consumables. This includes glass, fire bricks and rope seals.

For stoves not registered using the code a standard 1 year guarantee is available, which does not include consumables. Speak to your stockist for further details and terms and conditions.

How do I register my Charnwood warranty?

A serial number shall be needed which can be found on the inside door of your appliance. The information will be explained on your warranty certificate that came with your appliance. This will need to be entered online.

Charnwood Contact Details

We’re official dealers for Charnwood Stoves within the United Kingdom covering the South East of England including London and Berkshire.

We stock all wood burning, multi fuel and eco design stove appliances with 10 live displays in our showroom. Offering optional installation on all of our appliances.

Furthermore, sometimes we cannot answer all of your questions and so we would advise you to contact Charnwood directly using the information provided below:

Contact Charnwood Stoves directly:

General Enquires

Tel: +44(0)1983 537777Fax: +44(0)1983 537788

Technical & Spares

Tel: +44(0)1983 537799


Tel: +44(0)1983 537777


Charnwood, Bishops Way, NewportIsle of Wight, United Kingdom, PO30 5WS

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