Flexible Flue Liners

Bonfire are fully HETAS approved specifically for flexible flue liner installations by HETAS (This is a separate qualification) and so can sign off the installation on behalf of the building inspectorate to fully satisfy the law and of course your house insurers.

Bonfire flexible flue liner installation

Our flexible flue liner is designed for re-lining an existing masonry chimney. Flexible flue liners are manufactured with two skins of stainless steel 316 L or 904L and are suitable for gas, oil and multi-fuel, including wood burning appliances where the maximum flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C.

Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liner

Flexible Flue Liner Sizes

Stainlesss steel flexible flue liner in various sizes, lengths and diameters that we supply and install throughout the UK.

316 Grade Liner

  • 5 inch (125mm) 316 Flexible flue liner
  • 6 inch (155mm) 316 Flexible flue liner
  • 7 inch (180mm) 316 Flexible flue liner
  • 8 inch (200mm) 316 Flexible flue liner
  • 10 inch (250mm) 316 Flexible flue liner

All available in a length up to 15 metres.

904 Grade Liner

  • 5 inch (125mm) 904 Flexible flue liner
  • 6 inch (155mm) 904 Flexible flue liner
  • 7 inch (180mm) 904 Flexible flue liner
  • 8 inch (200mm) 904 Flexible flue liner
  • 10 inch (250mm) 904 Flexible flue liner

All available in a length up to 15 metres.

Generous overlap on wound stainless foil inner skin, this ensures the liner stays sealed and safe as it travels round bends. Cheaper flues have less overlap to save on stainless steel!

Double crimped outer skin, this ensures that the flexible flue liner stays together as it is drawn down the chimney. If a flue is going to get damaged or come apart it will be as its being pulled down the chimney.


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Flexible Flue Liner FAQ

Why do you need a flexible flue liner?

There are three principle reasons you may need a chimney liner:
Because your chimney has no clay tile chimney liner (older chimneys may not)
The clay tile chimney liner is damaged
A chimney liner is required for optimal performance and safety because you are installing a new heating unit (stove or furnace) that will be vented into your masonry chimney.

What does a flexible flue liner do?

Chimney liners and flue liners are stainless steel liners which, when installed into a masonry chimney, produce a continuous and unbroken flue from appliance or fire to outlet. This prevents flue gasses escaping though disintegrating brickwork and provides the optimum flue diameter for the appliance.

How long will a flexible flue liner last?

Between 15- 25 years, depending on whether your flexible flue liner is 316 or 904 grade. 904 grade liners will last for longer.

What are the benefits of flexible flue liner?

Installation – Flexible liners are easier to install than the rigid variety. The single length of flexible liners makes it easier to fit into the chimney.
Versatility -The adjustable length of flexible liners is great for taller chimneys or chimneys that may have contours or even just slight bends.
Less Creosote – Flexible flue liners accumulate less creosote than the rigid flue liners, especially when used on wood fireplaces and stoves. The flexing process loosens the creosote and causes it to fall off.
Easier Maintenance – One of the factors that create regular chimney cleaning and maintenance work is the accumulation of creosote. Flexible liners prevent much buildup of creosote.
Higher Safety – Installing a flexible liner is a great way of minimizing the risk of a chimney fire.
Improves Chimney Draft – Less buildup of creosote from a flexible liner improves the chimney draft. This enhances chimney efficiency.
Adds to Home Value – The various benefits of flexible flue liners improve chimney efficiency. An efficient chimney is a significant consideration in home valuation.

What areas do Bonfire install flexible flue liner?

Based in Reading, Berkshire, we install our flexible flue liner systems for the whole South East of England including London. If you’re located outside of this area, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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