Chimney Fans

At Bonfire, we supply and install flue fans for wood burning stoves. Our chimney fan exhausts will give you the perfect draught in your chimney. Full joyment of your stove, easy lighting and better indoor climate.

We supply the leading brands within the industry such as Exodraft and more…

Chimney fans are small electric fans that are installed on the chimney, ensuring that your wood-burning stove gets enough air to burn cleanly all day long with no problems. Our chimney fans create negative pressure in the chimney, so you avoid most of the problems you may encounter when burning solid fuel.

It creates a vacuum, ensuring that the smoke is drawn out through the chimney rather than out into the living room. You gain control over the draught in your chimney, so you can enjoy the fire and heat from your stove without problems.

Exodraft RS Chimney Fans

RS chimney fans are used with heating appliances and provide a controllable negative pressure along the full length of the flue and chimney. The fans guarantee optimum chimney draught irrespective of the placing, dimensions or height of the chimney which is beneficial to new or existing installations. These fans can be used with appliances burning solid fuel or oil.

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Chimney Fans FAQ

Where does Bonfire install chimney fans?

Bonfire serve the whole South East of England including London. This includes Berkshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.

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