Modern metal chimineas are a great way to style your outdoor space whether that be a patio, garden or terrace. Not only do our chimineas make great outdoor fires that you can bbq on but they are designs that will contribute to defining your outdoor area. Choose from robust and durable designs that can be fired up season after season to be enjoyed with family and friends all summer.

Whether you like Corten steel which naturally oxidises overtime to create a beautiful patina pattern or a Black that will glisten in the sun and provide a striking contemporary focal point. A large extended flue is a great way of dispersing smoke and debris up and away from your area so you can enjoy smoke-less warmth in your garden.

The Jotul Froya outdoor chiminea in corten steel with flames
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Showing all 15 results

Our hand picked selection features cast iron, corten steel or lightweight concrete modern chimineas from premium brands. Create a contemporary focal point within your garden, one that will produce long lasting warmth season after season to be enjoyed with friends and family.

These smoke-less designs will define your outdoor space and stand proud as sculptural art. A strong and durable construction ensures these chimeneas will be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Some of our fireplaces feature bbq accessories enabling them to be transformed into a cooking station and fire screens to stop sparks and debris from spilling from the opening.

The modern chiminea is a take of the traditional clay rounded fire pits found in and around spain which date back to over 400 years. With new technology, our range showcases efficient smokeless designs with clean lines and unique shapes that will create a main centrepiece within your garden.