Chimney Cowls And Capping

Professional Chimney Cowl and Chimney Cap Installation throughout Berkshire

Protecting your chimney is crucial, and at Bonfire, we have some recommendations to ensure its top stays in good condition.

We suggest installing a cowl on each active flue to keep rain out and prevent birds from nesting. For unused flues, a chimney cap is advised to maintain air circulation and reduce the risk of damp. These can be in terracotta or stainless.

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Chimney Work

During spring, bird nesting can become a significant issue, accumulating materials in unused flues over time. To avoid complications, especially with heavy use, we strongly recommend fitting a terracotta ventilator cap on all unused flues.

Chimney pot installation

For chimneys with a flexible steel liner, a stainless steel chimney cowl is crucial. It effectively prevents rain and birds from entering the flue, and it also helps counter down draught.

At Bonfire, we offer professional chimney cowl and ventilator cap installation services. Our experts assess your needs, select the appropriate cap, and ensure secure fitting.

Chimney Capping

Learn more about chimney cappers here

For active chimneys, we guarantee proper updraft and minimize wind-induced downdrafts.

For thatched properties, we advise against fitting a cowl on active flues to avoid diverting sparks onto the thatch.

Chimney Cowl or Cap Installation

If you need information or advice on chimney cap installation for your home or property, please contact us.

Standalone chimney cap or cowl installation services are available only in the Berkshire area. However, we are happy to provide this service outside the area in conjunction with our other services.

We’re here to ensure your chimney operates at its best, keeping your home warm and secure. Choose Bonfire for excellence in chimney solutions.

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