Too big can be just as bad as too small.It is often better to have a smaller stove working hard than to have a larger one that is just chugging away.Equally who wants to be cold when it goes below zero? Beware… there is a lot of misleading and inexperienced advice given about stove sizes.

Choosing the Right Size Stove

Simply asking the size of the room gets you into the right ball park, nothing else! Stove output is not worked out like gas, oil or electric appliances – it is based on a refuelling cycle, (using perfect fuel) of often of about one and a half hours, so if you reduce the time to refuel the output goes up and vice versa. Fuel quality has a a massive effect, unless your logs have a moisture content way below 10% you will not get that X KW headline figure!

Any calculator gets you to the approximate size, getting to the ultimate size will involve discussion about ceiling heights, building materials, lifestyle, insulation, distance to appliance, personal preference and many other elements. For us to help you calculate the correct size, just come in to our showroom, give us a call or send us an email.

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