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Top 5 Best Outdoor Fires For 2021

Imagine relaxing outdoors this summer in your garden with a bottle of wine and a lovely warm and cosy outdoor fire that keeps you warm long throughout the night. Sound good?

It can be difficult choosing the most suitable outdoor heating appliance as there are many available on the market at many different price points in many different styles.

This is why we have created this Top 5 best outdoor chimineas list for 2021 to help you decide what is the best outdoor appliance for heating your outdoor space.

We have carefully tried and tested all of the outdoor appliances so you don’t have to. We compare which is the best on a number of different levels.

An outdoor heating appliance could be anything from a fire pit to a chiminea. An essential and perfect addition to any garden space or patio.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Jøtul Terrazza

Contemporary Outdoor Fire

The Jotul Terrazza is an easy to assemble durable chiminea that can be left outdoors all year round due to its naturally oxidising Corten steel body.

Jotul Terrazza wood burning fire near a lake in the outdoors
Jotul Terrazza outdoor chiminea
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of accessories
  • Large fire view
  • Little to no smoke
  • Naturally weather resistant (no need for a cover)

It has many accessories available such as a barbecue grill that allows you to cook on it along with a firescreen, to reduce the draw as well as keeping the flames safe from pets and kids.

It has a large fire opening that creates a great view of the flames. The flue works really well at moving the smoke away from the user. For the price point, we would highly recommend ths Terrazza for any patio to be enjoyed for a long evening.

This fire is available with a black enamel base plate that pictures the fire beautifully and we would highly recommend. It also protects the floor that it is laid upon. We do not recommend placing your Jotul Terrazza ontop of a combustible material when lighting.

Only £339 (Price correct at time of publishing)

RB73 Quaruba XL

Contemporary Outdoor Fire

The RB73 comes in many different shapes and styles but we prefer the Quaruba as it includes a raised log storage compartment underneath the fire. The fire is made from Cor-Ten steel which oxidises naturally creating a weather resistant layer.

RB73 Quaruba outdoor fire
  • Beautiful design
  • 360 fire view
  • Large fire viewing area
  • Potential to be plummed in (flue system)
  • Log storage area

The outdoor fire features 4 large glass panels which can be interchanged to suit your preference of less. It features a flue system which can be plummed in to create a proper outdoor fire area.

The great advantage of the RB73 is the fact that is produces little to no smoke so after long use you will not be smelling like a bonfire.

Only £1,325 (Price correct at time of publishing)

Legend Fires Garden Cube

Contemporary Outdoor Fire

The Legend Fires Garden Cube is a unique high quality and highly durable 360 degrees fire that creates an amazing atmosphere for any home garden or outdoor space. The main focal point to any patio with its four large glass flame viewing windows allowing you to view the flames from every angle.

Legend Fires Garden Cube outdoor fire

It is a very sleek and contemporary design that stands proud, perfect for an outdoor seating and covered area. The Garden Cube can be plummed in with it’s extendable flue system further creating a bigger impact and long lasting space.

The beauty with this appliance is that after a long summers evening you will not end up smelling like a bonfire. It features easy to use glass doors that keep all of the smoke intact and away from the user.

  • Contemporary design
  • High quality appliance
  • Weather resistant
  • Main focal point
  • Large viewing display
  • 360 view of the flames
  • No smoke spillage

Furthermore, it is a very easy appliance to clean. It features a grill which collects all the ash at the bottom which can be emptied when it reaches the maximum level.

We would recommend using a cover to prolong the life span of your Legend Fires Garden Cube.

Only £1,429 (Price correct at time of publishing)

Morso Ignis

Contemporary Fire Pit

The Morso Ignis outdoor fire pit is a beautiful cast iron pit that burns extraordinary well when fuelled with dry logs. With it’s raised pedestal, it is just the right height to accomodate a large flame. Great value for money, great for kids and perfect to take to the beach!

Morso Ignis outdoor fire pit
  • Easy to maneuver from place to place
  • Great value for money
  • Highly quality
  • Durable cast iron construction.
  • 360 view of large flames.
  • Barbecue grill available.
  • Raised pedestal.

The Morso Ignis is a compact fire pit that is built to withstand all weather conditions whilst accompying a good amount of firewood. It is easy to move around to place to place as it is not that heavy. It also can come complete with a grill for cooking.

Only £199 (Price correct at time of publishing)

Jøtul Froya

Contemporary Chiminea

We love the Froya outdoor chiminea from Jotul. It features a Cor-Ten steel rounded body with a flue extention. The fire seems to create an almost camp fire flame effect which is really satisfying.

Jotul Froya outdoor chiminea
  • Durable Construction
  • Weather Resistant
  • Large fire display
  • Little to no smoke spillage
  • Camp fire flame effect

It features a durable construction which gradually oxodises overtime to create a lovely golden brown colour. The body is naturally weather resistant and able to withstrand the harshest of weather conditions all year round. It displays a large fire opening taking full advantage of the flames from every angle. It produces little to no smoke.

We feel the Jotul Froya is a great modern twist on the traditional outdoor chiminea style that fills any patio with joy. It blends into any outdoor space design as well as being the main focal point.

Only £319 (Price correct at time of publishing)

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