Here at Bonfire, we’re proud to be based in Silchester, Hampshire. Silchester is located 10 miles south-west of Reading and 5 miles north of Basingstoke. Silchester was voted “Hampshire Village of the Year” (2008) and “South England Village of the Year” (2009) in the Calor Village of the Year competition, so as you can imagine, we’re more than happy to welcome you to our showroom and our area.

View From Aldermaston Church

Silchester FieldAldermaston Church View





Why not come to Bonfire and spend the day checking out the local sights including Calleva, the Roman walled city, or some of our great local pubs such as the Calleva Arms and the Plough at Little London.





A Guide to Silchester, the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum

The Roman name for Silchester was Calleva Atrebatu which denotes its role as the centre of the territory of the Atrebates, one of the major late Iron Age tribes in southern Britain. Look across the whole site, from pre-Roman times to its abandonment. Explore some of the major buildings of Calleva, through the 19th and early 20th century excavations and a series of reconstruction drawings and archaeological analyses.

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