The Stuv 21

Inset guillotine door stoves like the Stuv 21 have to be installed as hole in the wall fires right ?

Wrong, we often install them with surrounds, this works especially well with the Stuv 21 as it has a guillotine  door. In case you didn’t know a guillotine door is one that slides “up and down” rather than swinging out as most inserts do.

The advantage of a guillotine door is that it slides up and out-of-the-way and normally allow the stove to work with the door open.

So you can use the fire with the door open as an open fire with all the sounds and smells of an open fire or you can shut the glass door and enjoy the efficiency and control of a stove.

Stuv 21 85 in Corten Rusty Surround

Weight of the system 297 kg
Optimal usage range, evaluated by Stûv 12 – 27 kW
Consumption range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stûv 3,6 – 8 kg/h
Efficiency at rated power with glass door lowered 76 %
CO emission 0,05 %
Particles emission (mg/Nm3), measurement method based on din + 31 mg/Nm³
Length of logs, horizontal position 70 cm
Conforms to the standard EN 13229
Patent n° 1445541
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