Contura I6 The Beautiful Inset Stove from Sweden

Here is our new insert the Contura I6 which is ideal for those who have their own ideas and want to design their own fireplace or install it as a hole in the wall fire.

The generous glass area shows a lot of the flames and the efficient combustion technology gives the maximum heat from the wood.

Contura i6 Inset Stove
The fireplace insert is available with a choice of three different doors.  All three doors look very different enabling the client to ensure they get exactly the look they want for their home.

The door is self locking to give you extra safety.

We have also integrated technical finesses into the insert, such as adjustable screws to help level the insert and prepare for outside air and to make installation as smooth as possible.

All in all a very well thought through and beautifully designed appliance.


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