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Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Stove?

Difference between a wood burning and multi-fuel stove?

A wood burning stove is specifically designated to burn wood only. Multi-fuel means the stove can burn coal/smokeless fuels as well as wood.

In some instances, multi-fuel kits can be an accessory for a wood-only stove so that it can burn multi-fuels although this does reduce the log space available. Over 75% of people who buy a multi-fuel stove end up only burning wood.

Should I buy a wood or multi-fuel stove?

Wood burning stoves are often referred to as appliances that burn wood, coal & smokeless fuels. However, the correct term means that the stove appliance is made to specifically burn wood and nothing else. Wood-only stoves are good because wood is a renewable resource.

Multi-fuel stoves can burn wood & smokeless fuels. Coal is gradually being disregarded due to changes in the law on fuels. You find that many people that have purchased a multi-fuel stove only ever burn wood.
A big advantage of wood-only stove appliances is the fact that they have more space to cater for logs. This is due to multi-fuel stoves using the introduction of an “grate plus ash pan” to function.
You may not be able to get hold of dry or even be able to store lots of wood. In this case, a multi-fuel stove would be ideal as it gives you more options on your fuels.
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