Stuv 30 compact

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Stûv 30-compact, a revolutionary wood-burning stove!


Optimum performance and amazing adaptability

Compact, simple and clean, you get three ways of using this innovative and high-performance wood-burning stove.

Three doors, three moods

Three doors, three moods Changing mode takes only a few seconds: all that has to be done is to rotate the drum of your Stûv 30-compact until the required door is located in front of the stove’s opening.

The glass door gives a great view of the flames, making sure that the stove is safe and eco-friendly while saving you money, thanks to its excellent performance.
The full door slows the fire down and optimises performance.
Open-fire mode allows you to get the full benefit of the crackling flames, the smell of the wood … and even a barbecue!

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