Stuv 21 75

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The Stuv 21/75 Single face is a stunning looking stove which is avaliable in another 8 different models. Just like all of the Wood Burners on the Stuv range the 21 has retractable glass doors so that you can have an open fire or a closed fire.



The Stuv 21 75 is a highly engineered built-in stove can be used with the glass door fully retracted or closed for efficient wood-burning. Stuv 21 75 Single Face Stove is a collection of fabulous, fitted wood burning stoves. Available in a range of size style, perfect to match any interior. The Stuv 21/75 Stove boasts a simplistic design, featuring pure lines with no mechanisms or handles in sight, allowing you to enjoy the pure beauty of the fire. The Stuv 21 features a unique retractable glass door – Enabling this stove to be used as both an open and closed fire, depending on your choice the window can be opened partially of fully.

  • Built-in appliance with slide door
  • Adjustable output
  • Can be connected to the outside air
  • Air ducting possible
  • Optional fan

Stuv 21/75

Fireplaces, Woodburning
Stoves & Gas Fires
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