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Generous overlap on wound stainless foil inner skin, this ensures the liner stays sealed and safe as it travels round bends. Cheaper flues have less overlap to save on stainless steel!

Double crimped outer skin, this ensures that the flexible flue liner stays together as it is drawn down the chimney. If a flue is going to get damaged or come apart it will be as its being pulled down the chimney.

True flexibility is guaranteed with “Uber Flexi Liner”, surprisingly some other liners are so rigid that are almost a contradiction in terms.

  • All fuels, diameters and uses
  • Supplied in coils up to 25 meters
  • Diameters from 100mm up to 300mm
  • 316 grade stainless steel with 10years Guarantee
  • 904 grade stainless steel with 20 years Guarantee
  • All fittings you can imagine including bespoke.

Advice from people that really know and do actually install liners!

Please call for pricing and advice

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  1. Max

    Very nice!!

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