AK47 Fire Pit Ercole Brown Large

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Raised Brown Fire Pit In Concrete and Steel LARGE

Strong and statuesque,

you cope with bad weather like a mythological hero.

You are made of concrete that surrounds a primeval fire.

You know how to be elegant and informal,

your materials age and are transformed with the passing of time,

giving you a authentic flavour that only grows.

Your generous dimensions mean that you are always the centre of attention.

Earth-coloured concrete fire pit 2500 mm.

Ercole is a outdoor wood-burning fire pit.

It is born by the union of two raw materials, steel as a structural element and the concrete which decorates and enhances its design.

Not a simple hearth, but a decorative outdoor furnishing, strong and statuesque.

Many people can gather around Ercole, creating a convivial focal point outdoors that only the light and the warmth of fire can give.

Ideal for open spaces, gardens, parks, terraces, hotel outdoor areas, golf clubs and so on. The Ercole comes in White concrete, Brown, and natural colour variations. Grill kits sold separately.


Fireplaces, Woodburning
Stoves & Gas Fires
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