Bellfires Classic Bell Small 3

  •  Ideal for a traditional fire surround
  • Rustic brick interior
  • Polished or anti-reflective glass
  • Standard Premium
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The closed ?open? fireplace! ic open fireplace, with a present-day efficiency rate. The look of an authentic open fireplace, with a present-day efficiency rate. Ideal for a traditional fire surround. Rustic brick interior. Polished or anti-reflective glass. Standard Premium fire with atmospheric lights.

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Anti-reflective glass *

This gives you the next best thing to an open fire. The glass has a coating applied at the factory which reduces reflection from windows and lights. In the certain light the glass would appear invisible

Rustic Brick interior 

Different interior styles warrant different coloured rustic bricks. This fire features a range of red, yellow and grey.

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Wifi Module 

The convenience of controlling your fire from anywhere in your home. The WiFi function is easily accessible through a purpose designed app that can be downloaded on up to six mobile devices. Each device can then have its own custom fire settings. The app does everything the remote would and more. It also includes a child safety lock, just incase the little ones pick your phone.

* Only possible in combination with Floating Feet.

Additional information

Heat output

From 9-12 kW





Colour options

Grey, Red

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