Barbas Unilux Range

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The Barbas Unilux 6 range is one of the best inset wood burning stoves on the market today – no doubt!
A bold claim which we dont make lightly, everyone who see’s this stove live and operates it in Bonfires Berkshire showroom agrees.


Barbas Unilux 6

The Barbas Unilux 6 range has a fire to suite any situation from the Unilux 6-40 which will fit UK 16.5″ x 22.5″ openings to the landscape proportions of the Unilux 6-80 that lends its self to new situations. All of the Unilux range have large viewing glass to so you can enjoy the mesmerising flame patern. The flame pattern comes from the advanced combustion air system which is easily controlled by one leaver.

The Unilux 6’s versatility is endless as there are four frames to choose from: Frameless, Classic frame, Insert frame and Built-in frame also the flue connections can be adapted to be angled at 45 degreed to overcome deeper lintels.

In addition to the sleak look, the Unilux 6 range is made from the highest grade materials to insure that the fires are not only great on the eye but will with-stand the test of time, fire after fire.

  • Versitile Wood Insert
  • Can be adapted to be multi fuel
  • Suitable for new and existing situations
  • Chimney connection top, rear or diagonal
  • Four different frames
  • Reinforced ceramic interior
  • Newly designed locking mechanism
  • Ceramic rope seal
  • Deeper fuel bed
  • Advanced secondary burn
  • Air Wash
  • Dimensions: 40, 52, 55, 65, 67, 70, 75 and 80

Stove Dimensions:

6 40 dimensions 6 52 dimensions 6 55 dimensions 6 65 dimensions
Barbas Unilux 6 40 3 sided frame Barbas Unilux 6 52 Barbas Unilux 6 55 Barbas Unilux 6 65
6 67 dimensions 6 70 dimensions 6 75 dimensions 6 80 dimensions
Barbas Unilux 6 67 Barbas Unilux 6 70 Barbas Unilux 6 75 Barbas Unilux 6 80

Four different finishing styles:


In  this  version,  the  surround  of the fire can be built in according to your wishes, making it invisible. This gives you maximum freedom in terms of the selection of the surround

Classic Frame:

This frame makes it possible to create a simple and neat placement of the fire in an existing situation. On the Unilux-6, this frame is the same width on all sides

Insert Frame:

This latest trend transforms the hearth and surround into a single unit. With this frame the edging around the hearth are part of the fire. This gives the composition a contemporary look in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The frame at the bottom is slightly lower compared to the Universal-6

Built-in frame:

The 8 mm front side creates a minimalist look. The technology under the fire is not built in here


Classic Frame

Insert Frame Insert Frame


Classic frame

Insert frame

Built-in frame








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