Barbas Cuatro 3 Range

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The Barbas Cuatro 3 Range from Interfocos is a versatile woodburner that can be installed into new and existing situations. DEFRA approved for Smoke Control Zones thanks to its advanced combustion system


The Barbas Cuatro from interfocos is ideal for either new or exisiting installations.

The Cuatro range is beautifully designed but at the same is built to the highest quality. In addition to its stunning looks it has a superior combustion air system to make controlling your fire effortless. The attention to detail does not stop at the front. Smooth concrete panels line the chamber, first and foremost for durability but also to add the finishing touch to what is already a quality woodburner.

The new fuel bed of the Cuatro 3 ensures that wood stays safely postioned inside the chamber. Another great feature of the Barbas Cuatro 3 range are primary air inlet in the heating grille which make it very easy to ignite and control the fire. In short, with the Cuatro 3 you enjoy a real wood burning fire quickly and easily.

The Cuatro 3 is DEFRA approved so it can be installed into Smoke control zones. This is probably the largest inset stove in the UK certified to be used in smoke control areas

  • Ideal for Existing and new situations
  • Optional Fan system
  • Improved comubstion system
  • Reinforced concrete interior
  • Robust two-point locking mechanism
  • Ceramic Rope seal
  • Unique secondary burn
  • Air wash
  • High efficiency
  • Dimensions: 57, 70, 75, 80 and 90


3 57 dimensions

3 90 Dimensions

3 80 Dimensions

3 75 dimensions

3 70 dimensions

Cuatro-3 57 Cuatro-3 70 Cuatro-3 75 Cuatro-3 80 Cuatro-3 90
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