AK47 Hole Oxidised Steel

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A reserved niche, a subtle opening in the ground.

You hardly notice that its here, but when the fire is burning Hole is animated, displaying all its charm.

Once the show is over it blends again back into its surroundings, and you can even cover it and walk on it.

Steel fire pit 1360 mm.

Hole is a countersunk wood-burning outdoor fire pit.

It springs from the idea of making the fire element the centreĀ of the scene, concealing the structure where it is housed. Earth and fire welcome the people around them with warmth and discretion.

Hole outdoor fireplace can be installed anywhere and in any kind of external surface.

When not in use, the fire pit is protected by the supplied cover plate, which isolates the fires residual ash when in place, the cover plate can be walked on.
A good sized group of people can gather around Hole, creating a convivial and seductive focal point in the garden.

Grill Kit sold separately.


Fireplaces, Woodburning
Stoves & Gas Fires
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