Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate


MARCH, 2020

Property guru and renovation expert Sarah Beeny helps couples and families re-imagine spaces in their homes. Sarah uses her experience to come up with potential designs and renovations that will improve their home.

Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate which is on the Home & Garden Discovery Channel helps homeowners optimise their spaces proving the real potentials on hand. 

Filming of Charnwood C Four installation

Photograph by Bonfire Stoves

We were appointed to supply, install and design a piece which complemented what was already existing. We supplied & installed a Black Charnwood C Four wood burning stove with a Victorian Classic polished granite hearth and reclaimed brick chamber. A traditional high quality stove that is in keeping with this room. Furthermore, we gave interviews mainly regarding the Eco Design 2022 implementation and main overviews of an installation of this particular stove. The programme will be aired later this year.

This innovative series will see the use of full scale floorplans and smart cameras to track how rooms are being used. Sarah will give individuals the chance to reconfigure their space and offer them clever design solutions, tips and tricks to help them use the space better and change the way they live.

Interviews & Installation

Photograph by Bonfire Stoves

Customer & client were very happy with the supply and installation of this beautiful Charnwood C Four wood burning stove. It works beautifully with the surrounding units and really adds as an eye catching centrepiece to really finish the room.

The Charnwood stove itself is a 5kw wood burner, very popular within the United Kindom due to its universal traditional styling. Not to mention the exceptional craftsmenship and quality. It is an Eco friendly, energy efficient stove that complies with Eco Design 2022 regulations hence the stove being part of Charnwoods new ‘Blu’ range.



Look at this…..beautiful!!” 

Finished Outcome

Photographs by Bonfire Stoves & Fran Stedman


Fan Assisted Gas Fires


Eco Design Ready Stoves & Air Quality


Charnwood Arc 5 Eco Design Wood Burning Stoves

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