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Wood Burning Stove Installation

A Wood burning stove is a great addition for a home as it creates a central focal point to any room. It turns a house into a home, creating a cosy & warming atmosphere. Installing a wood burning stove can be very beneficial. Burning wood is good for the environment. Using wood burning stoves is a great way of cutting carbon emissions as logs are a low-carbon source of fuel. They distribute warmth very effectively and are potentially more cost effective compared to other sources of heating not forgetting the aesthetic touch they will add to your home.

Who can Install a wood burning stove?

A HETAS registered Installer is recommended. All wood burning stove installations in the United Kingdom must comply with building regulations which is controlled by the building inspector. HETAS are a governing body delegated by the building inspector to sign off installations to say that they comply with the building regulations and are safe. Stoves can be installed by non-HETAS registered installers as long as your local building control certify the works. This will incur additional costs and not all building control departments will certify such works as there may be complications. If an installation is not certified by a HETAS registered installer (or building control) the works are classed as illegal and many insurance companies will not pay out on claims for fires caused by incorrectly installed wood burning stove appliances. Local authorities can and will fine companies and individuals for illegally installing stoves. We’re a HETAS registered Installer. To check if a company is HETAS registered click here.

What wood burning stove is best?

Wood burning stoves that are DEFRA approved and comply with Eco Design 2022 are best. Stoves that are heat efficient and from a reputable stove brand are ideal. Below are two high quality wood burning & multi fuel stoves that we recommend:

The ACR Oakdale

The ACR Oakdale Mult fuel wood stove
ACR Oakdale

The ACR Oakdale is an approved DEFRA Multi-fuel stove. The cast iron stove is crafted by ACR Stoves which have been around for over 25 years. This traditional appliance features an air-wash system and easy to use controls. Buy this product

The Charnwood C Five Blu

Charnwood C Five Blu Wood Burning Stove
Charnwood C Five Blu

The Charnwood C-Five Blu wood burning & multi-fuel stove is Eco Design 2022 compliant and DEFRA approved so if exempt from any smoke control zones. Charnwood is a very reputable brand from the Isle Of Wight. The appliance has an optional multi-fuel kit meaning you can burn coal as well as wood. Performance and efficiency are improved in this instance. Buy this product

Why would you install a wood burning stove?

Wood burning stoves can be a great addition to any home and a real focal point satisfying the long-held human fascination with fire! They create a cosy and warming atmosphere turning any house into a home. Furthermore, wood stoves are fairly inexpensive and can reduce energy bills. They can be purchased from as little as a few hundred pounds which is a very cheap renewable source of heat energy. Aesthetically, they can really add to any interior design. We have a vast catalogue of traditional & contemporary wood burning stoves that come in many different types, designs and sizes available. Wood burning stoves are also very beneficial for the environment as they reduce carbon emissions.  This is because logs are a low carbon source of fuel. Moreover, you indirectly contribute to the healthy management of local woodlands by using wood fuel which has a massive positive impact on wildlife.

Benefits of wood burning stoves:

  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Cost effective
  • Little maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Focal point

These appliances have been refined to burn wood more efficiently than ever before. This in-turn saves the user money on logs and produces very little amounts of ash. They have been crafted in such a way to require very little maintenance and are easy to use.

How do you install a wood burning stove?

Once you have chosen your preferred wood burning stove appliance you must get your appliance installed safely. It must comply with building regulations and we would recommend using a HETAS registered installer.

Wood burning stove installation for TV.
Bonfire wood burning stove Installation for TV.

It is a must that you ask the installer for their HETAS identity card. You may live in a smoke controlled zone and so your stove will have to be DEFRA approved. It is also necessary to check that you do not need planning permission. Once your stove appliance has been installed, to comply with building regulations, the installer will fit a carbon monoxide alarm within the same room. This is so that any potential carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide poisoning risks can be alerted.

What size wood burner do I need?

The size of your room determines how big your wood burning stove needs to be. 1kW of heat for every 14 cubic metres of space. A fan made for a wood burning stove may be beneficial. The fan essentially sits on top of the appliance and pushes the heat around the space more efficiently. It takes heat which is generated by the stove to move.

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