HWAM is one of the largest producers of architect-designed stoves. Through more than 30 years HWAM design and produce modern stoves of high quality and with several patented advantages – first under the name ABC and today under the two brands HWAM and Wiking.


The company was founded by Vagn Hvam Pedersen and is located in Hârning south of Aarhus. The company has about 90 staff and is 100% family owned and operated. HWAM produces approx. 20,000 stoves a year, of which around 80% are exported to customers throughout Europe.

According to Vagn Hvam Pedersen one of the reasons why HWAM is a great success, is because the stoves are beautiful to look at and simultaneously functional. Today, a fireplace is something more than just a heat source. For HWAM design, aesthetics and function are three sides of the coin, this from 30 years of collaboration with visionary architects and designers.

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