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Why use a HETAS approved engineer?

HETAS Engineers are trained and assessed as competent. If you don’t, in the event that you have an accident involving your flue or appliance then your house insurance may not be valid. Any guarantee on a solid fuel appliance is likely to be invalid unless installed by a HETAS engineer.

Installations of solid fuel and wood biomass appliances are subject to the requirements of Building Regulations and are notifiable to the Local Authority in your area by English law.

HETAS registered installers can self-certificate their work thus avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming Building Notice applications to the local Building Control Department.

HETAS Engineers leave the customer with a Compliance Certificate and send a copy to HETAS for onward notification to the Local Authority. This is a simple and effective process costing a few pounds whereas the local authority Building Notice can cost hundreds of pounds in some cases.

The Certificates issued by HETAS and the notifications to Local Authority are important records demonstrating that work was done legally.

This is a very similar process to “Gas Safe”, except that all authorised engineers should have two registration numbers.

  • One to register themselves which shows they are approved and technically competent.
  • One to register their company, this is often overlooked but is actually just as important for the house holder as it shows that all the required public liability insurances are in place.

The HETAS registration scheme covers a full range of installation work, including dry appliances, appliances with boilers, solid mineral, wood and wood biomass, re-lining of chimneys, hot water and heating systems.

HETAS provide technical and regulations support to registered installers.

HETAS publish lists of approved appliances, fuels and equipment to help consumers, installers, designers and specifiers to choose an installation that meets the consumer’s requirements and complies with Building Regulations and safety standards.

In the rare event of a complaint about matters of safety or compliance with Building Regulations, consumers can talk to HETAS who will try to help resolve the problem by working with everyone to promote a fair and equitable

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