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Fires have been used by humans for many centuries to keep warm and to create a cosy ambience. They’re a perfect addition to any home interior and create an attractive main focal point to any room.

To be enjoyed on cold winter days with family and friends. Fires are available in three different fuel types gas, electric and wood-burning. Available in different designs, sizes and colours with many different price points.

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We have created this ultimate guide as we know it can be very hard choosing your fire appliance. There are different regulations, styles and technology that we want to address.

We’re suppliers of contempoary inset fires in the United Kingdom.

Let’s get to know about fires and what one best suits you!

Gas Fires

Gas fires are either LPG or natural gas fuelled and inset or built into an existing or false chimney breast.

All gas fire installations must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and comply with building regulations in the UK, making sure distance to combustibles are adequate.

Normally with a higher price point compared to it’s predecessors they’re still well worth the money. Available in many designs, sizes and colours from many different manufacturers.

We would recommend Bellfires and Gazco who are leading high quality manufacturers for the UK.

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Bellfires View Bell 3 XL built in 3 sided gas fire

When choosing your perfect appliance there are three main types you should know about:

Balanced flue

A balanced flue gas fire is a room sealed unit, most commonly used. They produce amazing heating efficiency and can be fitted to a ceiling or wall.

Conventional flue

A conventional flue system is the most common type of chimney installed, mainly traditional brick. They work by pulling the warm air rising up out of the chimney away considering that air is passing over the top of it.


Flueless work on a catalytic convertor basis which filters out the products of combustion to a level that is safe.

There are regulations that relate to flue-less specifically; you have to have a minimum room size and ventilation vents in your room. Flueless are not a solution we favour as we believe they’re not as efficient.

View more about the flue systems.

Advantages of gas fires

  • Quick & easy – Very quick and easy to use as they’re instantly turned on with the touch of a button on a remote control. Some models even allow for use with a mobile phone.
  • Customisable – They’re generally very customisable, not only with the vast array of available accessories, but the settings that are available such as mood lighting and different heat outputs.
  • Energy efficient – Often very energy efficient and can save on your heating bills.
  • Realistic Flames – They produce an amazing dancing flame effect depending on what gas appliance you go for.
  • Consistent – A consistent looking flame that will burn continuously.
  • No mess – A very clean burning appliance that creates no mess.

Hole in the wall

Hole in the wall gas fires are inset or built into an existing or false chimney breast. The most popular type of gas fire. Often a contemporary gas fire as they seamlessly fit into any home interior and add greatly as a main focal point. They also do not take up much space.

Modern gas fires have become very popular in the last 5 years


Bio ethanol

Bio ethanol fires are not favoured by us. They do not produce sufficient heat and are essentially table decorations. In addition, they’re also not very safe as they decant liquid fuel within your house.

Wall mounted gas fires

Wall mounted gas fires are raised levelling the flames to eye level to give a more engulfing flame effect. They’re often built in or inset into an existing or false chimney breast.

Also, wall mounted appliances can also be installed into a fireplace surround. Ideal for compact areas as they’re very space efficient. They can add greatly to a home interior. Not widely seen as much as inset hole in the wall fires.

Features of gas fires

There are many features of gas fires that make them the perfect heating source and aesthetic interior add on. You can see why thousands choose a gas fire as their preferred heating source every year!

  • Good value for money
  • Instant lighting
  • Creates no mess
  • Many different designs
  • Remote control easy use

Installation in Berkshire

Installation of gas fires should be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer so that it complies with building regulations in the UK. If this is not carried out then this may hurt your home insurance.

Bonfire in Berkshire install for the South East of England including London. We have a large catalogue of gas fires from the highest quality brands at many different price points.

Electric Fires

Electric fires are realistic flame effect fires created normally by an LED light set among cobbles or false logs to give a more immersive warm feeling.

Each electric appliance normally includes a fan heater with a 1-2kW heat output on most models which is adequate to heat a small sized room.

Gazco Radiance 135R Electric Fire

A fire is an inset electric fire or built in appliance that can be installed into an existing chimney breast or false chimney breast. View our range of free standing electric stoves.


  • Easy installation
  • Realistic flame effects
  • Create no mess
  • Many personalisation features
  • Remote control easy use

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted electric fires sit off the ground heightening the flame effect view to eye level. They are very space saving and often need little to no installation knowledge. They’re unique and not commonly seen within the UK.

Installation is recommenced by a certified electrician.


Electric Fire Suites

Electric fire suites have become very popular with the introduction of many celebrities often opting for whole entertainment wall in their homes. they can include shelves, a tv and a heating appliance.

A common styled layout is book shelving either side of a false chimney breast with an inset electric fire below and a flat screen tv inset into the false chimney breast.

An electric fire is great alternative to a conventional appliance as they create absolutely no mess and are easy to use with a remote control which can even be operated via your mobile phone.

They include many customisation settings such as brightness and coloured flames allowing for a fully personalised unit.

Fireplace Surrounds

Using a fireplace surround to compliment an electric fire can be greatly beneficial. The traditional way of inputting an electric heating appliance into the home.

There are now many modern alternatives available with many different tasteful design choices. Inset electric appliances traditionally sat on a hearth with a fireplace surround to create a whole showcase piece takes pride of place in a room.

We have a large range of inset electric fires, wall mounted, electric suites, electric fireplaces at very competitive prices.

Moreover, they transform a room instantly, creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. They are very clean, easy to install and the heat output can be controlled at the flick of a switch. Built to a high standard, with excellent finishing details, our electric appliances are fantastic value for money.

Wood Burning Fires

Wood burning fires are commonly known as an inset version of a wood burning stove. Log burners are built into the wall of a chimney breast, which could also be a false chimney breast variant.

Installations must be carried out by a HETAS installer or engineer and comply with UK building regulations, making sure distance to combustibles are adequate.

Stuv 6 Wood Burning Fire Inset

From 2022, all wood burning fires must be SIA Eco Design Ready and comply with the governments DEFRA approved approved system for the UK.


  • Large flame display
  • Normally takes a larger log length
  • Room space saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe appliances

A wood burning fire can be an amazing centrepiece addition to any home and can really add to any home interior. Perfect for a cold winter evenings enjoyed with family and friends.

They are very energy efficient allowing you to save on a large percentage of your heating bills. A 5kW wood fire will be adequate to heat a room within your home.

House fires from wood burning fires have almost vanished since 2000.


Combustion Technology

State of the art heating combustion technology, that has been developed over centuries, has enabled many brands to craft safe log burners.

Every fire is rigorously tested and has specific safety criteria that has to be passed in order for an appliance to be sold to the UK market.

Easy to use with heating settings are available on all appliances. This allows you to completely personalise your heat output temperature within your home.

Poisonous pollution such as carbon monoxide is a silent killer.


Large flame glass displays are a common feature allowing for a larger log length and takes full advantage of the flames from every angle creating a more immersive feeling.

Wood Burning fires are available in contemporary and traditional designs that can work well in brand new spaces as well as cosy cottages. Different heat outputs are available allowing for a more personalised look suitable for your room. 

These appliances can work very well within a fireplace chamber combined with a fireplace surround.

Installation in Berkshire

We have a large range of wood burning fires from many different brands from many different price points. Stocking a large variety of designs and colours. We also offer optional installation on all of our appliances

Wood burning fire installations should be carried out by a registered HETAS installer and comply with building regulations in the UK. You should also make sure it meets distance to combustibles as of manufacturers instructions.


Installing wood burning fires for the South East of England which includes London. We’re HETAS & Gas Safe Registered installers. Visit our showroom in Berkshire, Reading to get a real feel for our heating appliances.

Choosing your perfect wood burner can be hard and so we have compiled a catalogue of the very best wood burning appliances from the highest quality manufacturers.

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