Eco Design 2022

This is the ultimate information guide to Eco Design Stoves for 2022.

You’re also going to see new strategies that you need to know about.

So if you’re looking to change your wood burning stove for next year or are simply looking for a new home addition, you’ll love this updated guide.

Eco design stoves are due to be implemented on 1st January 2022. This is the industries response to producing cleaner air and reducing particulate emissions.

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What is Eco Design 2022?

Eco design 2022 is the stove industry’s response to the DEFRA Clean Air Strategy which aims to improve air quality and reduce emissions/pollution.

This is being led by the SIA Stove Industry Alliance which has been taken onboard by many manufacturers already.

With the ever growing strain on the planet and focus on our health, Eco design 2022 is the European standard which will become law in 2022.The UK has been a driving force in the design and implementation of this standard which has been adopted by leading stove manufacturers.

Making it the stove industry’s response to the DEFRA Clean Air Strategy which aims to improve air quality and reduce emissions/pollution.

It aims to tackle three key areas:

  • Limit the sale of polluting fuels
  • Improve the efficiency of stoves
  • Update legislation regarding Smoke Control Zones.

What are Eco Design Ready stoves?

The ‘Eco design Ready Scheme’ by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is a European programme due to come into implementation in 2022 to make stove appliances more efficient and lower in emissions.

There are already many stove appliances that are already Eco design Ready 2022. (See below).

How does a stove obtain Eco Design Ready standard?

A compliant SIA Eco design 2022 stove will have been rigirously tested to meet strict emissions and minimum efficiency criteria by an approved test laboratory.  Test results are verified by HETAS and listed accordingly on their website. Only eligible stoves carry the SIA Eco design ready label.

After Brexit, will Eco Design 2022 still be relevant?

The simple answer is yes.

The Great Repeal Bill will bring the Eco design and Energy Labelling Directives into UK law. In its 2015 response to the air quality consultation DEFRA cited Eco design as the tool it will use to reduce emissions from solid fuel stoves. Since Brexit DEFRA has confirmed its commitment to Eco design, as it will introduce stricter limits on emissions.

DEFRA: DEFRA is the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Stove Industry Alliance: The SIA or Stove Industry Alliance is an alliance of stove manufacturers, distributors, advisory/test house bodies and other interested parties.

HETAS: HETAS is a not for profit organisation offering competent person scheme for installers of biomass and solid fuel heating, registration for retailers and chimney sweeps and approval of appliances and fuels.

We care about the environment and the ongoing ways we can make our planet a better eco friendly place. This can be made possible by clever innovative design.


When is the new Eco Design regulation being implemented?

The 1st January 2022 all stoves will be manufactured as Eco Design ready stoves across the UK and Europe.

Is it really going to happen especially in light of Brexit?

Yes it will happen. While this is European legislation, all EU laqs are being incorporated into UK law via ‘EU Withdrawal Bill in Defra’s latest consultation document on fuel quality they also refer to Ecodesign 2022 confirming that they are expecting it. All products manufactured after 1st January 2022 will have to comply to Ecodesign’s clean burning criteria.

Why should I change to an Eco Design stoves?

To future proof your purchase and also ensure you are using the cleanest burning appliance for the environment.

What are the differences between non compliant stoves and Eco Design Ready stoves?

Eco design stoves have to meet a set of clean burning criteria:
• Efficiency must be over 75%.
• Smoke particulates less than 40mg/m3.
• NOx less than 200 mg/m3.
• OGC less than 120 mg/m3.
• CO less than 0.12%.
These figures are achieved by clever air management.

What products quality for Eco Design?

Any products that display a SIA Eco Design Ready badge are compliant. Check out for a full list of compliant stoves.

How long will non Eco Design stoves be available?

Stove manufacturers will phase out non eco design ready stoves from 2020 with all non eco design ready stoves becoming non existent by 2025.

Can non Eco Design Ready stoves be used past 2022?

Yes they can. However, eco design ready stoves are much better for the environment and it will become and industry standard for eco design stoves.

Will I use more logs on an Eco Design stove?

No, they’re more efficient and should burn less wood.

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