How Much Does Fitting A New Log Burner Cost in 2024?

A log burner will add a beautiful centrepiece to your property, provide lots of warmth and can save you money on your heating bills.

Choosing the right wood burner suited to your lifestyle is vital, especially if you’re working to a specific budget. However, you will also need to factor in other costs.

An installation that is right for you and have it installed correctly and safely is essential. We will provide some handy tips on saving money and best practices to follow in 2024.

In this blog post, we show the real cost of installing a log burner with relevant examples relating to different circumstances. We also discuss current product pricing along with instances to look out for and costs that can be unsuspected.

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How much will a new log burner cost in the UK in 2024?

Log burners vary in price massively depending on what brand, size and technology included.

As a rule of thumb, in most cases the price of a wood burner is directly proportinate to the quality of a stove.

The standard size of a wood burning stove has a nominal heat output of 5kW, enough to heat a medium sized room.

In 2024, the supply of a new standard log burner will cost between £950 – £2,500+.

This is based on a stove made by a reputable brand within the industry.

Charnwood C Four Log Burner – £1,326

If you’re looking to save a few pennies on the stove, there are indeed a few high quality budget log burners from leading brands on the market that are very good value.

Quality Budget Log Burners Under £1,000

In our experience, it is good to stay away from wood burning stoves that have been made in China. In some instances, stoves are rebranded to look like they have been Made in the UK, when they haven’t!

Even though they may be cheaper, don’t be fooled! You will find that these stoves are less efficient, unsafe and it may require replacing after a few years. Most certainly costing you more money in the long run.

All log burner installations require a carbon monoxide alarm to be fitted as per regulations. This will add an additional £15 – £20 onto your installation.

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Typical log burner installation costs

With our great knowledge and proven track record of fitting log burners throughout the UK, we consider the average cost of installation with an existing chimney to be £850 – £1,500+.

For the fitting of a log burner, without an existing chimney, you can expect installation costs of between £1,000 – £2,500+.

In 2024, it will cost around £3,500 – £5,500+ for a typical log burner installation including supply, design and install.

This figure is based on the installation into a pre-prepared fireplace opening with the fitment of; a standard wood burner, flexible flue liner system, cowl, closure plate, hearths, chamber lining, installed and certified by a HETAS registered installer.

Of course, this average installation cost should only be used as a rough guide. Every project is unique and will differ greatly in price. It should be quoted for by a professional to match your exact specification and requirements.

Installation SituationInstallation Labour Cost
Log burner with chimney£800 – £1,500+
Log burner without chimney£1,000 – £2,500+
This is installation labour cost and does not include supply or design.

Top Tip: You should also bare in mind that many fireplace companies will not connect a stove onto a pre-existing flue system as they cannot ensure the integrity of it. Therefore, it will be cheaper for a stove installer to undertake the whole job.

For peace of mind, a reputable fireplace company will provide an installation guarantee ranging from 1-2 years conditional. This will come in handy if anything goes wrong afterwards saving on the pennies.

You will also want to ensure that your installation includes After Care Support. This will be for the up-keep of your stove if it requires spare parts, servicing or sweeping.

How long will a log burner installation take?

Every project is bespoke and will take a different amount of time. As a rough guide, a standard installation will take 1-2+ days with a full renovation taking up to 5-7+ days. Any unsuspected problems will prolong the installation time.

Why does cost to install differ greatly?

The complexity of your project along with your personal taste will be the two biggest factors that will change the price of your installation.

For example, if you want a luxury wood burner over a basic budget set-up, your budget will increase significantly.

Furthermore, if your project requires a vast amount of structural work then this will bump up the price too.

Who can install a log burner?

A HETAS registered installer or company would be the best person for installing a log burner.

At Bonfire, we have a full in-house team of HETAS registered engineers for your installation project. – Get a quote.

It is best to find a reputable local installer to you. Find log burner installers near me

Extra jobs your installation project may require:

JobDescriptionRough Cost
KnockoutStructural work to increase the size of your opening£600+
RemovalOf appliance and/or other items£250+
DisposalSafe disposal of packaging, rubble or appliance£150+
PlasteringOutsource of a plasterer£120+ Dependant on scale, complexity and time
Scaffolding HireOutsource of a scaffolding tower£500+ Will differ from company to company
Cherry Picker HireOutsource of an elevated work platform. To reach locations a ladder can’t, safely£550/ per day
Capping of gas pipeIf gas is no longer required nearby£60-£80+

Our costs are ballpark averages and will change by location, job complexity and scale – get a quote now

Stove component installation costs

Next, we take a look at how much individual component products for a log burner installation can vary to install.

Whilst full fireplace renovation costs will help you determine your overall budget, it is often helpful to find how much you’d expect to pay for those individual tasks.

Generally, log burner installation companies will quote for the job as a whole including materials and labour, as apposed to individual component parts. It can be more expensive to get individual component parts installed.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most common tasks carried out by stove fitters, along with the average cost for installation, complexity and typical job completion times.

The overall cost of installing a wood burning stove will depend on a variety of factors, such as the scale and complexity of the project.

Installations that are located further afield will incur travel expenses which will be a cost factored into a quotation.

As with all renovation costs included in this article, these are merely estimates and can vary depending on your unique circumstances.

Please note that installation times and cost dependant on your installer. These are rough estimates.Get a quote from a professional

How much does it cost to install a fireplace surround?

A fireplace surround installation is a delicate process that should be undertaken with absolute precision.

A typical fireplace surround will cost anywhere from £350+ to install, dependant on the complexity of the installation.

  • Price: £150 – £300+
  • Typical job time: 2-3+ hours

Every surround should be installed in the correct order in accordance to manufacturers instructions.

Hearths will be required and slips to neatly box an insert appliance into the wall. These are additional costs that come with the installation of a fire surround.

How much does it cost to install a fireplace beam?

Fireplace beams have become very popular with log burner installations. A great way to frame your stove and providing an ideal shelf to put items on.

A beam will add to the over aesthetic of your room without imposing in on the room too much.

A cost effective equivalent to a fireplace surround, our mantels can can also be beams, shelves and fascias.

  • Installation Price: £150+
  • Typical job time: 1 hour

A relatively straightforward installation for a fitter but one that requires precise skill to get the beam level. Good quality solid oak beams will come with a metal easy fix kit which requires exact alignments.

When a beam is tightened to the metal bracket, this may require adjustments.

How much does it cost to install a chamber lining?

A chamber lining board is used to neatly and safely finish the inside of a fireplace chamber. A cost effective solution with lots of different styles at different price points.

Different types of lining board:

  • Vermiculite board
  • Glasroc GRG board
  • Decorative brick lined board
  • Decorative slate lined board

The board must be cut correctly for plastering and for the installation of a closure plate. A skilled job that should be installed correctly so that it doesn’t deform later down the line.

  • Installation Price: £200+
  • Typical job time: 1-2 hours

Unless you choose an insert appliance, your chamber may have to lined to ensure that it has no combustible materials nearby.

A bespoke or tiled chamber may cost more and take more skill.

How much does it cost to install a flexible flue liner?

The most integral part of an installation that can change dependant on your installation situation. Not all chimneys will require a flexible flue liner or this may not even be the best option for your install.

Fitted securely to prevent movement and ensuring it doesn’t leak without any damage to the structure of the flue liner.

  • Price: £800 – £1,500+
  • Typical job time: 2 – 4 hours dependant on complexity

Available in 316 or 904 grade flue liner which differ in price considerably.

Safe access is vital to the roof via a ladder or elevated platform for this step.

The price may increase if the length of the flue liner is increased or the complexity of the installation is great.

Learn more about our flue systems here

How much does it cost to install a twin wall flue system?

Generally, a more expensive flue system installation.

Twin wall flue system is installed up and out where a chimney can’t be used or isn’t located. A double insulated flue that can be installed onto the outside of a property.

Quite a time consuming task restricted by regulations when the flue system route is being planned. A more involved and complex installation that will also differ greatly by the flue brand being installed.

  • Price: £1,000 – £2,500+
  • Typical job time: 1 day dependant on complexity

These costs and time period is a rough guide and will change significantly depending on the length and complexity.

Learn more about our flue systems here

How much does it cost to install a hearth?

Fireplace hearths are available in many different materials including slate, granite, limestone and more. A relatively simple process however it will take great precision and correct alignment with the finished floor height.

  • Price: £150 – £200+
  • Typical job time: 1-2 hours including drying time

An average fireplace chamber will require two rectangular shaped hearths with the larger one sitting across the front.

Log burner installation costs vary

While you can get a good evaluation of estimated costs when planning work for your log burner install, the end figure can vary.

Our installers quoted a range of £160 to £500 for small jobs like fitting a beam, hearths or surrounds, while larger tasks such as installing a liner came in with an average fee of around £700+.

Overall, the average cost of installing a new log burner in the UK is £4,000+. However, if you’re simply swapping a like-for-like, without additional hearths or chamber linings, you may be able to achieve this for considerably less.

The reason why costs vary is that each job will need to be priced in relation to its individual circumstances. The size and style of your fireplace will affect how easy a job is to complete, how long it will take and how much materials will be used. If there are unseen complications, such as troublesome chimneys, then this will raise the cost of the quote. Costs can also increase where existing fixtures need to be removed.

ACR Rowandale Wood Burning Stove – £1,725

The ACR Rowandale wood burning stove is a great stove for a traditional look

Log burner installation costs can vary by location

Fireplace installation costs can fluctuate greatly dependant on your location. You will experience a surcharge if you’re located more than 30 miles from a fireplace company.

If you’re located far away from your installer, they may have to incorporate an overnight stay charge, which will ultimately increase the price.

It is best to find a reputable local installer to you. Find log burner installers near me

In 2022, we saw fuel prices skyrocket due to the current situation in Ukraine and we’re seeing the onset effect of this. This may result in higher costs being charged by fireplace fitters, especially if they have to travel a long distance to reach you.

How much do fireplace products cost?

So, we have examined the installation costs of each potential component part of a log burner installation. Now, we’re going to look at the cost of how much each product may cost.

This picture shows components of a log burner installation, estimated cost of the products and an estimated time taken to install.

However, these costs can vary. This will depend on how many component parts, whether or not they’re luxury or conventional items and of course the size of your installation.

How much is a log burner?

Log burners differ greatly in price dependant on the size, brand, quality and technology.

Stoves from reputable brands within the industry start from just under £1,000 to over £3,000 or even more!

Stovax County 5 Log Burner – £1,145

The stylish Stovax County 5 wood burning stove is a popular choice for our customers

You must analyse the heat output required for your room which will determine the size of log burner your require along with the placement of it.

Furthermore, the look of the burner suited to your lifestyle is also key.

These are three of the main factors that we feel are the biggest in determining the cost.

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How much does a fireplace beam cost?

Traditional or contemporary. Two distinctive beam looks that can transform your log burner installation and of course act as a great shelf for placing items on.

Fairly inexpensive when compared to a fireplace surround. Ranging from £160 – £490 from leading beam brands.

Natural Oak Great Fireplace Beam – £400+

Cast composite beams are more expensive than natural oak beams as they’re hand painted and use heat resistant properties.

Cheaper alternatives can be found online but they will most definitely not come with an easy fix kit, not treated properly or may split overtime.

An easy fix kit is ideal for easy installation and removal when you’re decorating. It provides a secure method for mounting onto your wall using a metal bar with pins.

They can also act as a great heat barrier for any art or tv placed above the stove.

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How much does a fireplace surround cost?

Fireplace surrounds come in a wide range of designs, from Victorian to contemporary. They can also differ dependant on the material which could be timber, bathstone, sandstone, limestone or marble.

Victorian Corbel Fireplace Surround – £1,287

Surrounds differ greatly in price dependant on a number of factors. This could be anything from the intricate detailing and craftsmanship to the size and material.

Surround Price Per Material:

Surround MaterialSurround Price
This does not include installation.

These prices are based on standard examples and more intricate details and styles can cost more.

You may also require slips to close down an insert appliance with a fireplace surround. This is an extra cost at around £100+ dependant on the size, shape and material required.

Hearths are additional costs to a fireplace surround. They can be cut to match the material or be completley different. See below for hearth pricing.

Bespoke designs or alterations will be expensive as the surround will have to be bespoke made to order. Any effort to have a stock ‘off the shelf’ surround will help save the pennies.

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How much do hearths cost?

Hearths are an essential part of a solid fuel installation. A neat and safe solution of providing ground cover for your wood burning stove.

It is also a requirement of a HETAS installation and certain circumstances will dictate the placement and size of your hearth. Get a trained professional to advise

Polished slate hearth – £150+

Depending on the material you choose and the size you need, you could be spending anywhere from £150 upwards.

Top Tip: Standard stock sizings and ex-display hearths are a great way to save money.

Conventional hearths will cost £150 to £300, while bespoke shapes and luxurious materials can start around the £300 mark.

Hearth Price Per Material:

Hearth MaterialQuantityHearth Price
Slate1 Hearth£150+
Granite1 Hearth£200+
Limestone1 Hearth£300+
This does not include installation.

Made to order, prices are based on standard sizes and can differ drastically based on material, volume, shape and size.

Different finishing techniques such as polished or honed to name a few can also be configured. Edge styles are also available. Be sure to stay inline with standard configurations to keep costs down.

If you’re installing into a fireplace chamber, you will require two hearths. It is cost effective to purchase these togethor as a package.

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How much do chamber linings cost?

Your average vermiculite chamber lining board can be somewhere around the £50 mark. This is for one board and you will require three (boards may not all be the same size). You will require a board that is 20mm thick and they can be cut down to suit your chamber.

Brown Cobble Herringbone Chamber – £600

Different designs and shapes can be cut into the face of the vermiculite board at a premium of half of the cost of each board.

If you’re after a brick or slate lined effect, these are available as non combustible fireproof lined boards at a cost of around £600 for a three board package. These boards make for a neat and easy installation.

Board TypeBoard/ Sheet QuantityBoard Price
Vermiculite Lining Board1 Board£45+
Glasroc GRG Board (2400mm x 1200mm x 6mm)1 Sheet£125+
Decorative Lining Board3 Boards£600+
This does not include installation.

Chamber linings will not be required if you’re not boarding the inside of a fireplace chamber, so you can skip this cost.

However, you will require the distance to combustibles from the wall to aheare to manufacturers guidelines. A heat shield may be required at a cost of £500 if the distance cannot be met. This is for a viterous enamel heat shield from Vlaze.

Shop fireplace chamber lining panels

How much will a flexible flue liner system cost?

A flexible flue liner is connected to the appliance and used to vent all of the smoke up and out of the chimney.

There are two types of flexible flue liner; 316 liner cannot burn smokeless coal and has a warranty of 10 years. The grade 904 liner can burn smokeless coal and has a warranty of 20 years.

Dependant on your installation you will need to choose the length and flue diameter that your property and wood burning stove require.

Flexible Flue Liner Pricing:

Flue DiameterFlue QualityFlue LengthFlue Price
5″31610 metres£780+
6″31610 metres£830+
5″90410 metres£840+
6″90410 metres£950+
This does not include installation.

Remember these are ball park figures – Get a bespoke quote from a professional

Around £85 per metre for flexible flue liner.

We have used 10 metres as a standard length which is most commonly used for a two storey building. Other sizes are available and bespoke lengths can be cut.

How much does a twin wall flue system cost?

A double insulated flue system that is used when a chimney is not present or cannot be used.

Twin wall flue system is difficult to pin point an exact price for as there are a vast array of possible configurations varying in quality.

Twin wall flue system will cost around £1,000 – £3,000+ depending on your configuration and flue quality.

This does not include installation.

Available in standard chrome with the possibility of powder coating. You can expect around a 20%+ increase for black powder coated twin wall.

More costly than flexible flue liner, however an inexpensive method of providing a flue when a chimney is not present, no longer functional and may have to be built.

View our video about the best twin wall flue system:

You should get a specialist to plan, design and install your twin wall flue system to ensure it has been constructed safely and securely. – Get a quote from a professional flue specialist

What if my fireplace needs construction work?

When renovating or upgrading a fireplace, it may require structoral adaption to achieve your results.

This could be anything from a knockout to increase the opening size, to the addition of a lintel which will reinforce a chimney breast.

A fairly involved task that should only be carried out by a qualified professional. Registered HETAS engineers will be able to advise and carry out this kind of work.

For instance, a knockout will have to be altered to the exact dimensions or you risk the long process of padding it out. All work should be structorally sound and safe for the ability for the installation to be signed off.

  • KnockoutEstimated £600+

Of course, these are rough estimates and will change in price dependant on location, volume and complexity. Get a quote from a professional

What about wood burner removal and disposal costs?

An installation is never a tidy job especially if you require removal and disposal. Understand how and what to remove can sometimes prove difficult to progress further with your installation correctly.

Furthermore, disposal of building materials and appliances can also prove tough as not all waste can be taken to the dump (landfill site). Dependant on your location, the scope of what you can recycle and dispose of will change. Please check with your local council.

Handy Tip: Utilise timings of skips to save on the cost of disposal.

You want to ensure that the removal of existing materials and appliances (like your old stove) are done safely, not impacting on the structoral integrity of the property. In most cases, it is best left to a professional HETAS registered installer.

  • RemovalEstimated £250+
  • DisposalEstimated £150+

Of course, these are rough estimates and will change in price dependant on location, volume and complexity.

These can be costs that you might not budget for in the initial planning stages of your project.

Fireplace installers will dispose of all materials quickly, correctly and safely. This can include packaging, rubble and appliances but they have to pay business rates to do so. This means that if you’re only generating a small amount of waste then it could prove costly.

Please note that these are rough estimates – Get a quote from a professional

Can someone design and install my whole project?

Quality craftsmenship along with fair pricing is our number one priority. And, with the Bonfire supply, design and Installation service, we always ensure finish comes first.

At Bonfire, we’re HETAS and Gas Safe Registered engineers

Simply send us your details, by clicking on the image below and filling out the form. Provide us with a few details and send us pictures of what is existing and a picture of the chimney (if it has one) from the exterior of the property.

We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation fireplace design. What’s more, we’ll leave you with a full shopping list, so you know exactly what you need.

We can also carry out all the fireplace installation for you, with your very own installation project coordinator and fully insured and accredited log burner installers. And, for added peace of mind, we’ll even give you a 2 year fireplace installation guarantee.

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