Top 10 Best Eco Design Ready Stoves Of 2023

Choosing the best wood burning stove for your home can be very tricky as there are many different brands and variants offering different advantages.

Eco design is due to be implemented for stoves on 1st January 2022 for Europe and the United Kingdom. This will mean stoves sold after this date will have to comply to DEFRA‘s clean air pollution policy.

An eco design stove is a more efficient way of burning fuels and a way of future proofing your appliance. The industry’s move to contributing to a cleaner environment.

This is why we have created a list of Top 10 Wood Burning Stoves of 2020 to help you make your decision.

Governed by SIA Eco Design Ready Stoves alliance, we have extensively researched the latest and best eco design Ready stoves for 2022 on the market.

10. Stovax Vision Medium Slimline

Stovax Vision Medium Slimline Eco Wood Burner

The Stovax Vision Medium Slimline is a contemporary wood burning stove that is good for compact spaces. Its sleek, high quality design is unique and can seamlessly blend into many home.

Only £1,479 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

9. Stovax Sheraton 5

Stovax Sheraton 5 Wood Burning Stove

The Stovax Sheraton 5 is a very popular stove and a showroom exclusive. It is an eco design wood burning stove that has adjustable heating settings.

Only £1,145 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

8. Scan 66-2 Pedestal

Scan 66-2 Eco on a pedestal with a glass hearth

The Scan 66-2 Pedestal stove is a unique looking stove.

Only £2,299 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

7. Parkray Aspect 5 Compact Eco Stove

Parkray Aspect 5 Eco Wood Burner with log storage
  • Amazing Value
  • Compact design

The Parkray Aspect 5 wood burning stove has clean lines and large viewing panel the Woodtec range boasts cutting edge biomass combustion technology. Easy to operate and with a choice of handles the Woodtec is the perfect choice for a traditional or contemporary home.

Only £1,049 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

6. Morso 6143 Eco Design Stove

Morso 6143 Wood Burning Eco Stove
  • Eco Design Ready
  • Extremely efficient

The Morso 6143 eco design stove is fire brick lined and can take a log length of up to 282mm (11”). With a rated output of 4.9kW the C-Four, in certain situations, can be installed without the need for external air. This stove meets Clean Air Act requirements for smoke control exemption; allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas.

Only £1,799 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

5. Dovre Astroline 3 Eco Design Ready stove

Dovre Astroline 3 eco stove
  • Timeless aesthetics
  • Low emission combustion system

The Dovre Astroline 3 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves feature a bevelled doorframe with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom. Timeless aesthetics characterise this elegant stove, alongside state-of-the-art, low emission combustion systems.

Only £2,699 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

4. ACR Ashdale Eco Design

ACR Ashdale eco design wood burning stove
  • Panoramic Flame Viewing
  • Free standing variant

The ACR Ashdale eco design stove with panorama door gives the fire a lot of space. The clean lines blend into your home. Contura i5 is designed with the same modern design idiom and attention to detail as all of Conturas fireplaces. It blends easily into the environment at the same time as it gives the room a new sense of style.

Only £1,255 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

3. Fireline Woodtec 5kW Extra Wide

Fireline Woodtec 5kW Extra Wide
  • 7kW heat output
  • Cast Iron Shell

The Charlton & Jenrick Fireline Woodtec 5kW wood burning stove is a technical upgrade and a design lift, the stove stands out with a contemporary, elegant look and meets all the latest combustion principles, continuing all the best points from the classic Morsø stove. The stove has smooth sides on the convection model and a very fine ribbed pattern on the radiant.

Only £1,060 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

2. Charnwood Aire 5 Blu Stove

Charnwood Aire 5 Blu Eco Stove
  • Large viewing window
  • High quality, low cost

The Charnwood Aire 5 wood burning stove uses Blu technology to provide a eco design ready stove for 2022. A classical design with a contemporary touch.

Only £1,320 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

1. Charnwood C Four Blu Stove

Charnwood C Four Blu eco wood burning stove
  • 2-5kW heat output
  • Crystal clear burn

The Charnwood C Four Blu wood burning stove is a very popular appliance for the UK market. A classical design that blends into many types of home interiors to create a cosy feel. Delivering 2-5kW heat output. With optional high leg addition with a log storage compartment. The larger variant is the Charnwood C Five Blu.

Blu is Charnwoods new Eco design system.

Only £1,002 inc VAT (Price correct from date of publishing)

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