Best Electric Fires of 2024: app controlled, crackling audio, wall mounted models tried and tested

As we venture further into 2024, the popularity of electric fires continues to rise. They offer an energy-efficient, easy-to-install, and stylish alternative to traditional fireplaces.

With many different brands, styles, shapes and sizes on the market it can be difficult to find the perfect match for a lifestyle or budget. That is why we have meticulously tried and tested top brands within the industry to bring you the best list for 2024.

Whether you’re looking for the best overall, a budget-friendly option, or a premium choice, there’s an electric fire to suit your needs.

In this guide, we’ll explore eleven of the best electric fires available this year, helping you find the perfect one for your home.

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Best Overall

1. British Fires New Forest 1200 Electric Fire

The British Fires New Forest 1200 stands out as the best overall electric fire in 2024. Its great air circulation, created by patented Air Curtain Technology®, is unmatched, providing clean and eco efficient heating for less money.

Available in different sizes and installation versatility (one, two or three sided) the New Forest models will fit seamlessly into any modern living space, false chimney breast or media wall.

British Fires New Forest 1200 Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Air Curtain Technology®
  • Remote Control
  • Installation Versatility
  • Lighting Effects (Incl. down lighting)
  • Flame Control
  • Thermostatic Heating


  • Deep and rich flame effect
  • Flames can be used without heating on
  • Ability to upgrade fuel bed to deluxe (recommended)
  • Easy 1, 2 or 3-sided installation for media walls
  • Exceptional after care support


  • Makes a very slight fan noise
  • Heating vent is visible but no real distraction
  • No app functionality

Now let’s talk about the realistic flame effects which give the New Forest 1200 the top spot. The LED lighting is highly realistic which can also be enhanced by upgrading to the Black Edition. – This adds the deluxe real logs and a black rear glass panel.

The New Forest 1200 is perfect for those who want an electric fire that looks as close to a real fireplace as possible.

The robust construction of this fire is very apparant, premium materials and a carefully crafted build. This is further reinstated by a standard 3 year and an upgradeable 5 year guarantee which is supported by their extensive dealer network.

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Additionally, the customisable settings allow you to tailor the flame brightness and colours to your preference, enhancing the cosy atmosphere.

£1,899 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Budget

2. Gazco Radiance 105R Electric Fire

For those on a budget, the Radiance 105R from Gazco is an excellent choice. This model offers the essential features with a realistic flame effect, providing warmth and style at an affordable price.

Gazco Radiance 105R electric fire built into the wall surrounded by a false chimney breast.
Gazco Radiance 105RW Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Realistic LED flame effect
  • 1-2kW heat output
  • Brightness controllability
  • Flames can be enjoyed without heat


  • Great price with essential features
  • Will lightly warm a room
  • Good flame visuals
  • Requires only 180mm* pre-constructed cavity for installation


  • Only 1 sided installation
  • White and clear stones fuel bed only

The Radiance is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of an electric fire without breaking the bank. Despite its lower price, it doesn’t compromise on quality or design.

The flame visuals are realistic and adjustable with the sleek thermostatic remote control. Change the flame colours, brightness and heat with the touch of a button. If heat is not required, the flames visuals can be enjoyed on their own.

The Radiance’s streamlined design requires only a pre-constructed 180mm cavity for installation, allowing your home’s interior to both frame and enhance this ultra-contemporary fire.

£995 £779 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Premium

3. ONYX Avanti 150RW Electric Fire

The Gazco Avanti is our top pick for a premium electric fire. With its stunning visuals and high-end features, it transforms any room into a luxurious retreat. The LED lighting system provides a beautiful, lifelike flame effect that you can customise to your liking.

Onyx Avanti 150RW Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Chromalight® Plus Designer LED System
  • 1, 2 or 3-sided installation
  • Adjustable flame speeds
  • 1-2kW heat output
  • Luxury real wood logs
  • Range of lighting systems and effects


  • Very realistic log fuel bed
  • Lighting system is unmatched
  • Good aftercare support
  • Flexible easy installation
  • Hidden heating system
  • Neat frame available for 1 sided


  • More expensive than others
  • Birch log upgrade not as realistic

The ONYX Avanti 150RW electric fire is a versatile and stylish choice for any modern home. Its design allows for flexible installation, accommodating one, two, or three-sided configurations to suit various room layouts and aesthetic preferences.

A standout feature is the Chromalight® Plus Designer LED System, which provides a multitude of flame effects and adjustable flame speeds. This, coupled with a range of lighting systems and effects, allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

The fire offers true-to-life Split Oak or the optional Split Silver Birch glowing fuel-effects, enhancing the visual appeal with their realistic appearance. Additionally, the Luxury Logscape upgrade includes a real woodland log set for an even more authentic experience.

With up to 2kW of thermostatic heating, the ONYX Avanti 150RW ensures efficient warmth. For those times when you want the cosy ambiance without the heat, the flames can be enjoyed independently. The fire is conveniently controlled via a remote handset or a dedicated app, offering effortless operation.

Optional mood lighting further enhances the atmosphere, while the flat-wall-fix feature with the Milazzo Suite for the Avanti 110RW simplifies installation. The fire also boasts Ecodesign energy-saving features, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The Burnt Ember Logs, featuring a hidden log lighting system, add a final touch of luxury, making the ONYX Avanti 150RW a superior choice for both style and functionality.

£2,395 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Wall-Mounted

4. Katell Visto Italia Slimline Electric Fireplace

The Visto Italia Slimline by Katell is perfect for those who prefer a wall-mounted option. Its sleek design, quality craftsmanship and realistic flames make it a favourite among homeowners looking for a contemporary look.

Katell Visto Italia Slimline Electric Fire Suite

Main Features

  • Easy install onto a wall
  • Flickering light feature
  • Low level landscape fireplace for eye level tv placement
  • Smart remote control with Eco compliant features
  • 7 day programmable timer
  • Tailored fuel bed options


  • Can be wall mounted or floor standing
  • Style with different panels
  • Extra depth for larger logs and increased illumination 
  • Clever smart remote control


  • Heating could be more effective

The Katell Visto Italia low-level landscape design makes it very popular and it a striking focal point, allowing for a TV to be placed at eye level.

This fireplace comes with a smart remote control featuring Eco compliant options, ensuring both ease of use and energy efficiency. The 7-day programmable timer adds convenience, allowing you to set your preferred heating schedule effortlessly.

Furthermore, a variety of fuel bed options are available, including logs, ember effects, and large and small ice crystals so it can be customised to suit any home interior. The ambient fuel bed mood lights come with thirteen colour options, providing a versatile way to enhance the room’s atmosphere.

The realistic live flame effect, available in three colour options and adjustable brightness settings, creates a cosy and inviting environment. With a heat output of up to 2kW and a flame-only setting, you can enjoy the visual appeal of the flames even when heating isn’t required.

Complying with Eco Design standards, the Katell Visto Italia is both environmentally friendly and efficient. Its flat-to-wall installation eliminates the need for a chimney, making setup straightforward and hassle-free.

A 5-year extended warranty offers peace of mind, ensuring that your investment in this elegant fireplace is protected for years to come.

£2,664 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Freestanding

5. British Fires Hinton Cast Iron Electric Fire

The Hinton is a great freestanding option, combining convenience and style. With its cast iron construction, slim size and realistic flame effect, it’s ideal for compact spaces and those who prefer a premium solution.

British Fires Hinton Cast Iron Electric Stove

Main Features

  • Full cast iron construction
  • Deluxe Real Logs
  • Backlighting (optional)
  • Downlighting (optional)
  • Remote control
  • Hidden control panel
  • Flame-effect only option


  • Robust cast iron construction
  • Good for installation into slim locations
  • Highly realistic LED flames
  • Stunning looking fuel bed with real logs!
  • Good after care support


  • Relatively large unit
  • Shiny cast casing

The British Fires Hinton cast iron electric stove is made entirely of tough cast iron, which means it’s built to last and looks classic wherever you put it.

One of the best things about it is the deluxe real logs inside. They give off a really cosy, authentic feel, just like a real log fire. You can even add optional backlighting and downlighting to make it look even more realistic. The backlighting gives a soft glow around the stove, while the downlighting shines on the logs, making them look even more lifelike.

It’s super easy to use too. There’s a remote control included, so you can adjust the heat and lights without getting up. The control panel is hidden away, keeping the stove looking neat and tidy.

And if you just want the look of a fire without the heat, no problem! There’s a setting for that too. It’s perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere all year round.

Overall, the British Fires Hinton stove combines durability, realism, and ease of use, making it a great addition to any home looking for charm and warmth.

£1,699 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Insert

6. Solution Fires Lux 150 Electric Fire

The Solution Fires Lux 150 Electric Fireplace Insert is designed to be inserted into an existing fireplace, offering a realistic flame effect and efficient heating. It’s a great way to upgrade an old fireplace without the mess of a real fire.

Solution Fires 150 Lux Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Ultra realistic, contoured flame
  • Choice of flickering fuel beds
  • Full customisation available
  • Can also be installed 2 or 3 sided
  • Adjust the colour & brightness
  • Crackling fire audio
  • Remote & App Control


  • Impressive audio features
  • Easily operated via app
  • Beautiful contoured flame effects
  • Very customisable


  • /

The Solution Fires Lux 150 electric fire flames which are produced by its state-of-the-art itronic flame effect technology are very impressive. The contoured flames are very life-like and will add warmth and charm to any room.

You have the freedom to customise your fire with a choice of flickering fuel beds: opt for the Premium Real Wood for a traditional feel, or select the Woodland Effect or Silver Birch Artificial Log Sets for a modern touch.

Personalisation is key with the Lux 150. You can choose from seven preset illumination themes to match your mood or create your own custom setting. Adjust the colour and brightness of the nine independent fuel bed, flame effect, and downlight colours to achieve the perfect ambiance.

To elevate the experience further, enjoy the soothing sounds of a crackling fire with six adjustable volume settings, enhancing the atmosphere in your home.

Convenience is also prioritised with both a standard remote and app control compatibility for smart devices, ensuring effortless operation from anywhere in your home.

With its blend of cutting-edge technology, customisation options, and ease of use, the Solution Fires Lux 150 electric fire is a standout choice for anyone looking to add warmth, style, and realism to their living space.

£2,199 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best Compact

7. Charlton & Jenrick iRange i1500e Slimline Electric Fire

For those with limited space, the Chalton And Jenrick Slimline i1500e offers a compact solution without sacrificing style or functionality. Its modern design and realistic flame effect make it an easy addition to smaller spaces.

Charlton & Jenrick iRange i1500 Slimline Electric Fire

Shown in the picture above in a fireplace suite which does not come as standard with this fire.

Main Features

  • Crackling fire audio
  • Exciting realistic LiveFlame effect 
  • Eco design compliant
  • Lots of fuel bed and flame options


  • Easy to use app
  • Crackle sounds are effective
  • Smaller sizes available for more compact spaces
  • Fuel bed upgrade worthwhile


  • More crackle sounds would be ideal
  • Three sided installation only

A great choice for small spaces, with a sleek design and advanced features. Available in smaller sizes, it fits perfectly into any room. The fuel bed is slim but does not compromise on the overall look of the fire.

Control your fire easily with the C&J Smart App on your phone, which includes new crackle sound effects for a realistic experience. You can install this fire with three sides of glass showing, ideal for media walls, feature walls, and dividing walls.

The woodland log set features logs of various colours and sizes, adding to the natural look. The realistic LiveFlame effect offers three colour options and five mood settings for brightness and flame size. The flickering fuel bed has nine colour options and four mood settings, including a natural amber glow or any of eight other shades, with an option to cycle through colours.

Optional LED lighting strips can be added to enhance the area around your fire, controlled by the handset, with thirteen colours that can be set separately from the flame and fuel bed effects.

The i1500e Slimline has efficient heat control with a 7-day programmable timer and an electric thermostat, all controlled by the remote. It meets EcoDesign standards and includes features like open window detection. The fire has two heat settings, automatically chosen to maintain your preferred room temperature, with a maximum heat output of 1.5kW and 100% efficiency at point of use.

Optional wall brackets allow you to hang the fire and build a fascia or enclosure around it. It comes with a 5-year extended parts warranty (first 2 years parts and labour).

The iRange i1500e Slimline electric fire combines modern technology, flexible installation, and attractive design, making it a top choice for compact spaces.

£1,669 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best for Corners

8. British Fires Ashlett Electric Fire

The Ashlett from British Fires has been specifically designed for corner installations. Its 3D flame effect and heating technology provide both aesthetic appeal and efficient warmth.

British Fires Ashlett

Main Features

  • Three installation options
  • Sleek frame finish (upgrade)
  • Deluxe Real Logs
  • Downlighting (optional)
  • Remote control
  • Use flame-effect and fuel bed lighting without heating


  • Impressive flame effect against real logs
  • Comes standard as black edition
  • Hard to tell apart from a real fire
  • Easy installation
  • Frame is recommended
  • Good after care support


  • Price can add up with options

The British Fires Ashlett electric fire is tailor-made for versatility and style, perfect for corner spaces or as a flat or three-sided installation. Its design offers three installation options, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any room layout with ease.

Enhancing its aesthetic appeal is the sleek frame finish, which can be upgraded for a premium look that complements modern or classic interiors alike. Inside, deluxe real logs create a realistic and inviting atmosphere, adding warmth and charm to your living space.

For added ambience, optional downlighting highlights the logs beautifully, creating a focal point that draws the eye and enhances the realism of the fire effect.

Convenience is at your fingertips with the included remote control, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in the room with ease. Whether you want to enjoy the comforting glow of the flame-effect and fuel bed lighting without heating or need to adjust the temperature for added warmth, the Ashlett provides flexibility for all preferences.

With its adaptable installation options, sleek finish, realistic flame effect, and user-friendly features like remote control and optional downlighting, the British Fires Ashlett electric fire is the ideal choice for creating a cosy corner.

£1,599 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best for Large Rooms

9. British Fires New Forest 1900 Electric Fire

The New Forest 1900 is perfect for larger rooms, offering ample heating power and a robust design. It has a length of almost 2 metres long which is ideal for expansive media walls.

If an even larger fireplace is required, it is also available in a 2400 size which is the largest on the market. Very impressive!

British Fires New Forest 1900 Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Air Curtain Technology®
  • 1-2kW heat output
  • Downlight effects
  • 1, 2 or 3-sided installation
  • 3 different fuel bed colours
  • Optional deluxe log upgrade


  • Thermostatic Remote Control
  • Air Curtain Technology
  • 1-2kW heat output
  • Downlight effects
  • 1, 2 or 3-sided installation
  • 3 different fuel bed colours
  • Optional deluxe log upgrade


  • Heavy unit to install

The British Fires New Forest 1900 electric fire features Air Curtain Technology®, this fireplace efficiently distributes heat throughout the room even at this size, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort without compromising on performance.

Convenience is paramount with the New Forest 1900, as it comes equipped with a remote control that allows you to effortlessly adjust settings to create your desired ambiance from anywhere in the room.

The perfect size designed for flexibility, you can choose from three installation options: 3-sided, corner, or flush designs, making it adaptable to various room layouts and preferences.

Top Tip: We would recommend upgrading to the Black Edition of the 1900 which comes with a real deluxe log set and black rear glass panel. This creates a more immersive flame even if it does cost a little bit extra. It can be viewed here

Enhance the atmosphere with its dynamic lighting effects. You can cycle through three fire bed colours, each offering a distinct style, or set it to cycle through all options for a changing ambiance.

Control over the flame is also at your fingertips with four brightness settings to suit your mood, along with the ability to adjust the flame height for added realism.

For effective room heating, the New Forest 1900 offers thermostatic control, allowing you to set a temperature between 17°C to 27°C. The fireplace automatically adjusts to maintain your chosen temperature, ensuring consistent warmth throughout the room.

With its advanced technology, versatile installation options, dynamic lighting effects, precise flame control, and efficient heating capabilities, the British Fires New Forest 1900 electric fire is an ideal choice for larger spaces.

£2,999 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best for Energy Efficiency

10. Legend Fires Nero 1500 Electric Fire

The Legend Fires Nero Electric Fireplace is known for its energy efficiency, making it a great choice for those looking to save on electricity bills. Its LED technology ensures minimal energy consumption while providing a beautiful flame effect.

Legend Fires Nero 1500 Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Made in Britain
  • Great energy efficiency
  • No compromise on heating
  • Anti reflective glass as standard
  • 1, 2 or 3-sided installation


  • Save on those monthly bills
  • Very realistic flame and fuel bed
  • Clear and crisp viewing
  • Custom log fuel bed options


The Legend Fires Nero 1500 electric fire offers both efficiency and stunning visual appeal. Its panoramic flame effect ensures a seamless, immersive experience without any visible ‘dead spots’ typically seen in electric fires, creating a consistently captivating display.

This fireplace features high-quality, realistic ceramic logs and a random woodland fuel bed, both designed to enhance the authenticity of the fire, making it nearly indistinguishable from a traditional log fire.

For added convenience, the Nero 1500 comes with a remote control as standard, allowing you to easily adjust settings to create your perfect ambiance from anywhere in the room.

To further enhance the viewing experience, there is an option for anti-reflective glass, which minimises glare and reflections, ensuring a clear, uninterrupted view of the beautiful flames.

Proudly British manufactured, the Legend Fires Nero 1500 is available in various configurations, including 1, 2, or 3-sided designs, offering flexibility to suit any room layout and aesthetic preference.

With its advanced flame effect, realistic logs and fuel bed, convenient remote control, optional anti-reflective glass, and versatile configurations, the Legend Fires Nero 1500 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an visually stunning and energy efficient electric fire.

£2,198 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

Best for Media Walls

11. Gazco eReflex 135RW Electric Fire

The eReflex range has been a long term contender for media walls and false chimney breasts. It is highly popular becuase of it’s versatility, price point and features that it comes with.

Gazco eReflex 135RW Electric Fire

Main Features

  • Chromalight® LED System
  • Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote control
  • 1-2kW heat output
  • Three different flame options
  • 1, 2 or 3-sided installation
  • Flames can be enjoyed with heating off


  • Great value for money!
  • Model was updated recently
  • Easy versatile installation
  • Produces good ample heat
  • Realistic flame system
  • Good after care support


  • Only ceramic painted logs available

The Gazco eReflex 135RW electric fire combines advanced technology with versatile design to bring both warmth and style to your home. With a heat output of up to 2kW, it provides effective ambient heating, making any room cosy and inviting.

Control is at your fingertips with the programmable thermostatic Eco remote control, and for added convenience, you can manage settings via an app available on both iOS and Android devices. The Chromalight® LED System offers stunning visuals with three flame options: Amber, Amber with Blue Accent, and Blue, allowing you to customise the ambiance to your preference.

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Choose between two distinct fuel effects: a traditional Oak Log-effect for a classic feel or a modern Crystal Ice Effect for a contemporary look. The optional Mood Lighting System enhances the atmosphere, providing eight different fuel bed lighting colours and a cycling spectrum mode for dynamic lighting.

For realism, the fire features pulsing glowing embers, creating the effect of a true log fire. The flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat, perfect for year-round use.

Easily configurable as a three-sided, two-sided, or single-sided fire, the eReflex 135RW fits seamlessly into any room design and is compatible with media walls, making it an ideal choice for modern interiors. It also includes Eco-design energy-saving features and is suggested to pair with a suitably sized TV for a stylish and integrated look.

With its impressive heating capabilities, customisable lighting effects, and versatile installation options, the Gazco eReflex 135RW electric fire is a superb choice for any type of media wall project.

£1,935 £1,548 (Correct at date of publish) | Shop Now

How To Choose

It can be difficult to choose from the many available electric fires on the market. We choose from only the leading brands as they have a reputable history within the industry to ensure our customers make the best choice possible.

For those who love modern conveniences, many electric fires come with app control, allowing you to adjust the settings from the comfort of your sofa. Whether you want to turn up the heat, dim the flames, or set a timer, smart control is an essential.

Speaking of heat, electric fires are not just for show; they provide genuine warmth to your space. With adjustable heat settings, you can tailor the warmth to your comfort level, making them perfect for those chilly evenings.

How We Test

At Bonfire, we are committed to ensuring our electric fires meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities in London and Reading are equipped with advanced technology, allowing our team of experienced in-house reviewers to rigorously test each model.

Our comprehensive testing process begins in our dedicated labs, where we evaluate the heat output, energy efficiency, and safety features of each electric fire. We also assess the realism of the flame effects, ensuring they provide the comforting glow that our customers expect.

Beyond the lab, we simulate real-world conditions to test the durability and longevity of our electric fires. We run extended use tests to confirm that they can withstand prolonged operation without any loss of performance. Additionally, we evaluate the functionality of app controls, verifying that they are user-friendly and responsive.

Comparative testing is at the heart of our process. We measure each electric fire against its closest competitors to identify unique strengths and areas for improvement. Our stockrooms house leading models from various brands, allowing us to make direct comparisons and provide you with detailed insights.


Choosing the right electric fire can transform your living space, adding warmth and ambience with ease. Whether you’re looking for the best overall option like the British Fires New Forest 1200, a budget-friendly choice like the Gazco Radiance 105RW Electric Fire, or a premium model like the ONYX Avanti 150RW, there’s something for everyone in 2024.

Consider your space, budget, and design preferences to find the perfect electric fire for your home. The right electric fire not only heats your space but also becomes a focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your room.

From the sleek and modern energy efficient Legend Fires Nero 1500 to the compact and Charlton & Jenrick Slimline i1100e, each of these electric fires brings its unique charm and functionality. Whether you need a powerful heater for a large room or an energy-efficient option to keep your bills low, this list has you covered.

Stay warm and cosy this year, confident that you have made the right choice with one of our top electric fire picks.

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  1. I would have to agree, we have the New Forest from British Fires but in the 1600 size. It works wonders and couldn’t be happier. Would recommend for any new purchase. Nigel.

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