We love Bullerjan and want you all to have one and so we guarantee to offer the best prices! The Bullerjan is a convection stove, originally developed for Canadian lumberjacks, it guarantees high heating capacity with a good heat circulation, an even burn and a long glow retention. These amazing stoves are seen right across Europe and are now available in the UK – you want heat with style, this really is it!


– Enormous heat capacity, 6KW to a MASSIVE 45KW!
– Fast heat distribution
– Long glow retention
– Cosy warmth
– Large combustion chamber
– Almost complete wood combustion
– Low level of ash accumulation

Depending on what cladding the stove is dressed in it can can appeal to all styles and contemporary and traditional interiors. The Bullerjan provides independence of oil, gas and electricity. It changes firewood and wood remnants into valuable heating energy. There are innumerable arguments for the benefits of Canadian furnace technology such as the Bullerjan. Here are the most important: The Bullerjan is available in 6 capacity sizes (6-45 kW), with accessory equipment versions; CLASSIC, DESIGN, STONE and INDUSTRIAL.


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