Bellfires are just great looking and great performing fires that’s why we have been supplying and installing them for nearly fifteen years! Over the years we have tried other fire manufacturer`s products but none have consistently looked so good while achieving such consistently high levels of reliability as the Bellfires brand from parent company Interfocos



We are always looking for ways to improve our installation design and to this end have produced a balanced flue  terracotta flue terminal for areas where black or stainless steel would not be suitable

No chimney is not a problem, as the gas fires are available with balanced flue – this gives the added benefit of around 90% efficiency!

Bellfires is a trading name of Interfocos, Interfocos only makes fires, they are simply experts and all fires are made to your order – sheet steel comes in one end of the Dutch factory and fires go out of the other!

The Bellfires designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of whats possible while keeping an eye on the latest developments in interior and product design.

They have full control of the manufacturing and design process and it shows!

Bellfires are made in a “state of the art” factory in Eindhoven using the most modern manufacturing methods more a kin to the car industry.

Every fire is made to order, normally within 3 weeks and especially for you -so no out of date or obsolete stock.

We also have access  to virtually every other gas fire manufacturer on the market

Bellfires Design Ideas and Potential Installations

Bellfires Topsham Large 3
Bellfires Corner Bell XL3
Bellfires Horizon Bell Large 3
Bellfires View Bell York
Bellfires Classic Bell
Bellfires Vertical Bell Medium 3
Bellfires View Bell York
Bellfires Smart Bell

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