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Advice on Carbon Monoxide for Wood Burning Stoves

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas and far more is present in solid fuel (coal and wood) than gas. The gas cannot be seen, smelt or tasted, making it difficult to detect. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning The early symptoms of CO poisoning are usually similar to common ailments such as upset stomach, […]

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Smoke Control Zones for Wood Burning Stoves

Certain parts of the UK have restrictions on burning fuels such as wood or coal that produce smoke, as a measure to cut polution. These measures were first introduced in the 1950s to tackle the problem of smog. Further deatails can be found on the Smoke Control Areas website Some woodburning and mulitfuel stoves can […]

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Building Regulations for Stoves and Fireplaces

Installations of stoves and fireplaces are governed by current UK building regulations. As we are HETAS registered, when we install your product we will make sure that it is in full compliance with the regulations and issue you with the relevant certificate as required. Heating appliance regulations are detailed in Approved Document J You will […]

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Choose the Right Size Stove

Too big can be just as bad as too small.It is often better to have a smaller stove working hard than to have a larger one that is just chugging away.Equally who wants to be cold when it goes below zero? Beware… there is a lot of misleading and inexperienced advice given about stove sizes. […]

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How to choose the right firewood?

Different types of wood have different heat capacities and do not burn in the same way. Generally speaking, you should choose hard wood such as oak, beech, ash, hornbeam or fruit trees. They produce lovely flames and lots of embers, which glow for a long time. Drying Whatever wood you choose, it should be really […]

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