Stuv 21 185 Woodburing stove
Stuv 21-125 Fress standingStuv 21-125 with log storeStuv 21 105 with logsStuv 21 105 in modern buildingstuv 21 105 inside modern builingStuv 21 85 in Curten Rusted surroundstuv 21 85 free standingStuv 21 85 and familyStuv 21 85 in Corten Rusty SurroundStuv 21 in chimney breastStuv GrillStuv BBQStuv 21 185 Woodburing stove

Stuv 21 range…..

Available in Showroom Only

Fire, and fire only !

The Stûv 21 stove is a blessing to all 5 senses. In all circumstances, an exceptional view of the flames; when it operates as an open fire, the radiant glow, the smell of burning logs and the crackling of embers. And even the pleasure of a grill in the middle of winter !

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Product Description

Slide-back glass

2-in-1 stove. Both an open fire and enclosed fire.

The glass door slides upwards and is hidden behind the brickwork. The stove is then like an open fire or a hearth which enables you to grill food !

With the glass door lowered, it produces excellent efficiency and ensures complete safety. Its exceptionally large glass door provides a perfect view of the fire.

Opening the door for cleaning

The door tips forward for easy cleaning.

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